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EPISODE 7: Healthy Tips for Enhanced Productivity

David Wolfe is a leading educator and presenter at the annual Longevity Conference Institute of Integrated Nutrition, and at the Body Mind Institute. He has been traveling around sharing his message for the past 22 years. Wolfe has appeared at more than 2,500 events, is a best-selling author of several books, including Longevity Now and...

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EPISODE 8: First CEO of oDesk (The Largest Global Freelancing Platform in the World) 5 Pitfalls of Company Acquisitions

Craig Slayter, Jeffrey Slayter’s father, has more than 30 years as a Silicon Valley startup entrepreneur and raised more than $50 million dollars in venture capital. He’s assessed hundreds of companies for potential acquisition, and participated in acquisitions ranging from $5 million to $100 million. Slayter discusses 5 unique deal stoppers preventing entrepreneurs from making...

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EPISODE 9: Bridging the Worlds of Business and Spirituality

Rak Razam is a positive disruptive influence in the world of consciousness, an author, producer, director, filmmaker, and trail-blazer. He first visited the Amazon in 2006 as a freelance journalist, for an ayahuasca shamanism retreat. Through his books, films, and teachings, he strives to introduce the mainstream world to the potentials of plant medicines as...

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EPISODE 10: New Healing for a Waiting World

Hempstore is currently established as the largest hemp product distribution company that offers over 400 unique hemp products to buyers all over the world. Since hemp can be used in the production of over 50,000 diverse products, the field is wide open for other high-functioning entrepreneurs who may want to look at how they can...

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EPISODE 11: The Wealth in Your Unconscious Mind

It was never just about the money, Chris Stoikos, Co-founder of Dollar Beard Club, assures us. Even so, his startup did over $20 million in sales in the past 20 months, a tidy success by anyone’s standards. He created a tribe following with his viral videos that others would love to emulate. Here he shares...

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EPISODE 12: Crash Course in Raising and Structuring Capital for Your Startup

Take a peek into the complex world of scaling and raising capital for a startup. Rossco Paddison is the founder of Gather Change, who has some questions about raising funds and capital structure for his new startup. Craig Slayter shares his experience and expertise in answer to Paddison’s questions. Slayter has more than 30 years’...

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