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EPISODE 1: The CEO’s Guide to Fear and Self-defense

Tony Blauer, CEO and Founder of Blauer Tactical Systems, has developed the world’s first behavioral-based self-defense program, a system built entirely around psychology, physics, and physiology. By redefining self-defense and utilizing a worldwide network of thousands of trainers…

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EPISODE 2: Psychedelics Revisited

James Fadiman, Ph.D. has some pretty impressive credentials. He earned his BA at Harvard and completed his graduate studies at Stanford. He’s written ten books including The Psychedelic Explorer’s Guide for those who seek the divine through sacred plants and psychedelic substances. He taught at San Francisco University, Brandeis, and Stanford. He is a business...

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EPISODE 3: From Down and Out to Millionaire

Joshua Smith, now a highly successful entrepreneur, has seen his share of struggle. At twenty-one years of age he planned to commit suicide. Instead of ending in tragedy, his low point turned out to be a wake-up call. Smith subsequently managed to overcome alcoholism, lost 118 pounds, got fit, and has created eight companies in...

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EPISODE 4: Will Work for Chocolate: Evolution of a Conscious Company

Pana Barbounis had an idea. He wanted to make quality chocolate. He didn’t want to make just any chocolate, his would be one of the finest chocolates in the world. It wouldn’t just taste wonderful, it would be good for those who ate it, it would be vegan, organic, hand-made, and hand-packaged. Customers would be...

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EPISODE 5: ENDGAME: Prep Your Company for the $100 Million Exit

How do you prepare your company for a $100 million exit? Craig Slayter draws on more than 30 years of experience as a Silicon Valley start-up entrepreneur, CEO, founder, general manager, and MNA executive. He has personally raised over $50 million in venture capital funding. The first company he founded at the age of 31...

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EPISODE 6: A New Generation of Leadership

Recently featured in the movie Rise Up, with such greats as the Dalai Lama, Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield, and more, Peta Kelly is a leader on a mission. She believes in millennial power and the ability of their tribe to bring positive change to our planet that will benefit not just this generation, but many...

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