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EPISODE 35: Challenge Your Thinking on Ancient Wisdom

Most of our presuppositions are rooted from what’s taught to us by conventional institutions, the mainstream media, and current society. Unfortunately, most of these presuppositions are limiting…and most of these are BS. Today’s episode focuses on ancient wisdom and how they are still relevant in our NOW. More importantly, I got some questions here to...

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EPISODE 34: How Do You Discover and Reinforce Your Message as a Leader?

High Performing Entrepreneurs and Leaders of today are inspiring leadership with their life’s expressions and choices. No longer is it about inspiring people with prolific statements. It has become about your life, being embodied as your own message. This episode is all about finding your own message as a leader and I’ve got 10 great...

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EPISODE 33: How to Become Self Aware to the Voice of Your Own Soul

In leadership and in business, self-awareness is one of the most important attributes that one must possess. And listening to your own soul enables you to establish connections to every little nuance in your life, making you a more productive and a more effective leader. How do you become self-aware to the voice of your...

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EPISODE 32: How to Discover and Act on Your Entrepreneurial Edge

This episode is a short question & answer section from one of my mentorship course where the talk revolved around entrepreneurial edge and what it brings to the table – both in business and life in general. Key takeaways: As a high-performing entrepreneur, discovering and living at your edge allow the magic of life to...

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EPISODE 31: Curious About the Potential Future of Humanity?

This episode is a recording from one of my live talks, where I was asked about what it’s like to live in a light based reality. Like what is the future of humanity? I find that the language as what we know can never truly express the perfect explanation. But I know what’s out there...

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EPISODE 30: How to Use Intention to Manifest Money and Other Miracles in Your Life

This episode is all about the power of setting intentions and how it can create more money (as well as with other things you want in life). Most high performing entrepreneurs are either familiar or are already practicing this and they do it because they see results. And if you feel uncomfortable for taking interest...

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EPISODE 29: What Spiritual Entrepreneurs Should Consider When Doing Business

For most of the entrepreneurs in the spiritual community, the challenge is how to market their businesses without getting all “businessy”. It is as if, they have to stay only on ONE side of the line and to practice the conventional marketing strategies is being untrue to themselves. Today’s episode is a recording from one...

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EPISODE 28: Continuously Seeking For Your Truth? Here’s What You Might Like to Know

Embarking on a spiritual journey is most often related to a quest for answers and this episode is all about keeping you off that trap of endless search for THE ANSWERS. How do you put a stop to the cycle of discovery and disappointment? Not all mysteries need to be solved. But if you truly...

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EPISODE 27: How to Create an Experience Out of Your Business to Generate More Sales

You got the expertise. You got the experience. Yet you are not generating enough revenue from it. You want to make an impact on the market out there and increase your leads but you wonder if your skill set and type of service are enough. Today’s episode is a recording from one of my live...

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EPISODE 26: Hack Your Way to Achieving Your Optimal Performance Level as High Performing Entrepreneurs

As high performing entrepreneurs, we need our health and bodies to be at their optimum performance level in order to get work done more effectively and efficiently. Today’s awesome guest is Tommy Cassano, a Personal Fitness Trainer with 15 years of experience in the health and wellness industry. He’s worked with professional athletes such as...

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