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EPISODE 2: Psychedelics Revisited

James Fadiman, Ph.D. has some pretty impressive credentials. He earned his BA at Harvard and completed his graduate studies at Stanford. He’s written ten books including The Psychedelic Explorer’s Guide for those who seek the divine through sacred plants and psychedelic substances. He taught at San Francisco University, Brandeis, and Stanford. He is a business consultant, novelist, and studies microdosing on psychedelics for treating illnesses and enhanced health. He has been studying psychedelics since the sixties, not just directly, but through clinical experience as well. Today we’re exploring how this relates to high performing entrepreneurs.

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Time-Stamped Show Notes

[00:00] Introduction of Jim Fadiman, his background and major accomplishments.

[01:35] A professor introduced Fadiman to the world of psychedelics, which he now studies in relation to microdosing and its uses for enhanced health and wellness.

[04:27] Fadiman explains microdosing with regard to LSD, mushrooms, and other substances.

[07:20] In talking with entrepreneurs who have used psychedelics, most claim it gives them the ability to better use the knowledge they already have, and the ability to function more effectively.

[14:01] The trend towards microdosing in high functioning professionals is not just growing in the U.S., but in countries around the world.

[20:22] As a professor at Stanford, Fadiman asks students not if they are going to be successful, but what they will do with their lives while being successful.

[21:02] Microdosing as a possible treatment for severe depression.

[22:39] The spiritual factor of plant-based psychedelics versus synthetics, and our deep connection with nature.

[27:04] Fadiman advises international researchers on pursuing psychedelic studies.

[31:05] Organizations like MAPS (Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies) and Hefner Foundation research marijuana and potential uses for individuals, psychiatric hospitals, and universities.

[37:12] Fadiman’s website and microdosing information site include articles, talks, and information.