Hey, it’s Jeff!!

I figure take an opportunity to share a little bit about my background.  Of course, there’s so much more to us as human beings than just what we have done in this world. I’ve had success and failures and whatever that definition actually is.  And I’m still discovering more about who I actually am. It’s a continuous journey.

I grew up in a place in Honolulu Hawaii which is beautiful. Actually, kinda looks a little bit like this. I’ve really learned about myself growing up in that place and how important to me the land is, and the ocean, the planet. I grew up there till I was about nine or ten years old. My grandmother was… we’d go to luaus which would be a [] mountains everywhere. It was just crazy. It was fun!

But my dad was a struggling entrepreneur. So on the middle of that, my mom would struggle to pay for the groceries at times. There’s a difference between poverty and struggling. We weren’t in poverty but we struggled.  And it was interesting because my mom will go to the grocery store and we will put all the food on the grocery on the conveyor belt and then my mom will go run the credit card and it wouldn’t actually work at times. So we have to put all those back and that was disheartening because I was taught that the credit card would always work. But turns out my dad was struggling to make sure there’s money in that account so we can eat and when it wouldn’t work, my grandma as a family member, would come over and bring over mangoes to feed the family while my dad struggled to try and make his company work.

And sooner later with his persistence, this company actually start to grow and then it actually would purchase. So he went from, you know, struggling entrepreneur to having more choices in our lives. I really felt the difference between struggling financially to having more choices.

As a kid, I can tell you that having more choices in life was a closer expression of who we actually are. Because when I feel like as a human being is, we are meant to be, we are free human beings and anything that holds back from our expression and that includes finances being struggling, it can be challenging at times. My parents want to provide us with the education, with food…like any good parent does. That was a real difference of, I saw my parents will provide that versus before my dad was struggling.

But then part of that acquisition, when my dad’s company was purchased when I was around ten or so, we moved from Hawaii to Silicon Valley.  That was a change because Silicon Valley is like the birthplace of Google, Apple, LinkedIn, and all these incredible companies. I went from this slow island pace to the fast pace.  I found myself kind of excited by the fast pace because people really take incredible ideas and they were actually executing on the ideas. Then I started to learn the difference between having great ideas and actually executing. That’s important right now is actually executing on important ideas. Ideas to change the planet that is for companies.

I watched my dad started another company on the kitchen table at a young age.  I know where these, he was the first founder and CEO, so he went out and he raised money and started on this little kitchen table with the family. He had this little computers out, there were typing away, and if you fast-forward to now that company’s now known as O-desk or Upwork which is now merged with Elance. He was the first founder and CEO of the largest outsourcing company online which is pretty cool and interesting.

What I learned from that was growing up around that environment, I saw you can take just an idea and you can if you execute on the idea, you can really build something.  But I had to pay my own path, of course, from school to getting a job. I remember my first day on the way to my job and there was just traffic everywhere. Nothing like this. Just traffic. Just sitting in the sea of traffic. And I really thought to myself, I said, this is just really what it’s all about. It’s just waking up and sitting in traffic all the time and heading to this job that I kind of want to do but kinda didn’t want to do. My heart really wasn’t in it. So I went to this job and lucky enough, the boss that I worked with was pretty nice and I asked him “Hey, when the phone calls aren’t committing can I research stuff online?” So I started researching real estate deals and transactions, and things like that. And look for real estate that was undervalued online while the phone calls weren’t happening.

Now on the way home from my job I would stop at the bookstore and I’d by book after book after book on investments, on coaching, on human psychology, Rumi, hafiz, autobiography of a yogi, anything I can get my hands on. It’s kind of when my education actually really started was when I left school. It’s kind of classic isn’t it?

While I was at my job I’d find real estate deals and I found this one property that was undervalued. I had saved up enough money to put a down payment down on this particular deal.  I made an offer…

I made an offer for this particular property, it was this little pink house.  It’s pretty horrible looking actually but hey, the value is there. I picked it up for around a hundred fifty or so and I knew if I put some work into it that it would be worth you know about two hundred thousand or so with about 10,000 or so work.  But I didn’t actually have the full cash and I read in the books that you’re supposed to make all-cash offers. But I made it a cash offer with a security deposit and said I would if I didn’t actually come up with the money I’d lose my security deposit. So I had about two weeks to find the remaining money. Now I learned that lesson that sometimes persistence is really really important because I otherwise I had this money I was going to lose. And so I decided I chose to go figure it out.

The first person I called was my dad and he said “No I’m not loaning you the money.” and I was like “Gosh dad.” I can’t believe it.  So I called another person, another person, another person, and just a lot of no’s. A lot of no’s.

And I really want to give up actually but I knew that something would have to give. I finally found someone to loan me the money with a very high interest rate. They loaned me the money and I turned around, we fixed up the house and made enough money, think it’s thirty- forty thousand dollars or so. I made enough money to where it would take me six months or so to make that money and basically bought my time back. That’s the first step I learned was first thing to do is to buy time back. Get your time back. Because now I was able to leave my job and I had the time.

Fast forward, I end up doing more real estate transactions but in the background I was always studying something, always learning new things about psychology, business, and meditation. I’d go to ashrams, I’d go on adventures in the background while I was buying real estate in doing that.

By the time I was about 26 I thought I had reached success. What I discovered was you know as soon as you think you’re successful you’re kind of on your way down. That’s actually when I end up doing this big development project and the whole thing ended up folding because the banks pulled the loan because a lot of this crisis stuff that was going on at that time and I got left holding the bag and lost lots and lots of money…lots of money. I actually was really disheartened because I’ve worked so hard for so many years. But luckily you know I had spent a lot of time meditating and learning. I actually really want to kill myself because I work so hard for so long and it was exhausting. But look, I read in the book autobiography of a yogi that if you kill yourself going to come back to deal with in any way so that wasn’t viable solution.

So then I just basically, I was laying on the floor and I got to create something new so I wrote down everything I love of my life you know people, meditation, the planet, learning and then I went to sleep and woke up the next day I got invited to some seminar. I didn’t really want to go because I was like, “I hate seminars right now. Been to so many of them bottom blah-blah-blah.” And so I went, I don’t know how I went, but I went and stood in the audience and he goes “Hey Jeff! Come up here. Don’t you know how to work with people?” Because I’ve been attending lots of coaching programs everything. He pulls me up on the stage “Work with this particular woman around her relationship with money.”  And all I could think about was, “I just lost some money and you want me to work with this woman?”

So I started asking questions about her life, where she came from, what stopped her from asking for what she wanted and she started to cry and break down. I wanted to cry and run away because that was the first time onstage someone’s crying in front of you but I stuck in there and I just listened. Which I found is really some of the best medicine is just listening. And she says I didn’t ask for what I wanted, why I’m not making the money… wasn’t asked what I want and they kind of, for a moment, maybe reflect on a to like “Am I asking for what I want my life?” and I realized that I could ask for more for what I want out of my life, out of myself, out of the world around me. I could probably have more of a life by my design.

And it was at that point and the seminar leader goes “How many of you would like to see Jeff do that again?”, as if I’d done something. A couple raised their hands. “Just come back and you be the other trainer for a while and support people in the transformation.” I was like “Wow, I do love that. That’s cool.” so I went back and I made a little bit of money but it is so different to make money doing something that was I just love doing so much. Then they came back again and the money started to happen than other business opportunity start happening.

It led to being on the biggest stage in the world with Sir Richaard Branson, Tony Robbins and stuff like that. So it led me to be on the stage with some of the biggest thought leaders of the world like Sir Richard Branson, Tony Robbins, Dr. Demartini, and that was one of my goals, was to be making a huge impact and ended up happening. And along the way lots of business opportunities and investment opportunities came about and it was amazing.  But you know what? It still wasn’t all it’s cracked up to be because after I had made money, lost money, then I was like “Okay, I’m gonna go make a huge difference and still end and make money doing that and everything else…” And it was like, when I got the biggest stages of these big stages in the world with all these other thought leaders, it was just kind of this empty feeling of “Oh that’s it.” That’s how it is sometimes with achievement you know. I think I was blinded by achievement. I was blinded by having to make something happen instead of just enjoying my life.

So what transpired from there is I just do this because I love it. I used to have a reason for the things I do. I just don’t have the reason anymore I just do this because it’s me. You know there’s always birds around here and humanity’s always wondering, “Birds sing because they have to have a reason.” No, they don’t. They sing because they sing, that’s what birds do. I think they can feel the human beings have a song inside of them. They didn’t need a reason to sing the song, that’s just their song. So after coming kind of full circle making the money that I wanted, having the definition of what success actually, is making a huge difference in the world, you know, standing on these stages and that level of kind of “Oh!” It’s all empty.

Actually it’s a little bit like those greyhound dogs. They race these greyhound dogs and there’s this little metal rabbit and the metal rabbit signal the Greyhounds. They run after the metal rabbit and they think the metal rabbit’s real. Let’s say the first metal rabbit is making money, so then they go and they chase the rabbit, and they bite on the rabbit, and they bite and go “Oh, it’s not real!” So money is not, making money’s not necessarily going to make you any happier. And then they try and go back and tell the other greyhounds that it’s a metal rabbit and all the greyhounds think they’re nuts.

So then they go out of that then they start chasing another rabbit which was, let’s say fame and making a big difference. I’m nowhere near famous like some of these other guys out there but enough to where I was like “Oh, that’s not it either.” So I went right after that rabbit, I put the rabbit –I’m going to be on the biggest stage in the world, would make a huge difference in to save the world bit it and I was like “Ah, it’s not that either”. Then went back to try to tell the other greyhounds it’s not some… so maybe a few listened. And so now I just stopped running the race. It’s good.

So this is my song. I’m just some guy. Sure, I’ve had, I guess we call “success” but what’s most important is it’s just enjoying these moments of life and if you’re called to do something, not like a mission, but if you’re called to do something it will show up. For me, I’m just called to make these videos and to share. It’s no longer about sharing a message anymore. It’s about my life being the message and doing my best to make it happen. I make all kinds of stupid mistakes too, you know. When I get hungry, I get upset. And I’m no longer so fixed on being so perfect. I’m just some guy, just sitting here on a cliff enjoying my life. And that’s what I want for Humanity.

“I see humanity is really at the cusp of a new birthing, of a new birth. Birthing something incredible. It’s time for us as human beings… I feel like we’ve got suffering down as human beings “Let’s learn to endure suffering” and I know I do at times and everything else, but I feel like now it’s time to learn to endure gratitude for life.”

This journey has led me to working with some of the wealthiest people in the world and if they’re not grounded in their connection to earth and their life sometimes they’re even more miserable than the people that don’t have much. So we have to go back to the original premise of what it is to be human beyond the cultural programming. When we go back to that, I found in my own life than what we do becomes the expression of a co-creation with mother earth, the co-creation with ourselves, and we are going to birth something incredible. But sometimes we don’t even know what we’re birthing because I think it’s so big and so beautiful that’s beyond our comprehension.

So what are you birthing right now? What are you bringing forth?

For me, it’s just being me. That’s all I ask of my fellow human beings. To do the best they can being themselves. The version of me, beyond my personality has no definition, no words. What I have done doesn’t define me just like it doesn’t define you because we’re so much more than beyond comprehension.

We’re interdimensional beings having this incredible human experience. But it is really a gift to be human, to get to be here on this planet so go out. Live the life you’re here to live. I guess that’s my best attempt at sharing some of my background. But this is my background, it’s not really who I am. Just some guy.
Take care,