Tommy Cassano

EPISODE 26: Hack Your Way to Achieving Your Optimal Performance Level as High Performing Entrepreneurs

As high performing entrepreneurs, we need our health and bodies to be at their optimum performance level in order to get work done more effectively and efficiently.

Today’s awesome guest is Tommy Cassano, a Personal Fitness Trainer with 15 years of experience in the health and wellness industry. He’s worked with professional athletes such as Maria Sharapova, Brendan Brazier, Rebecca Soni, plus multiple NBA players and pro boxers.

This episode is crazy pack full of doable, effective, and healthy tips to get your bodies and mind in optimum condition. Tommy shares his personal routine and more interestingly, he also talks about how visualization and use sacred plant medicines have positively impacted his life.

Key takeaways:

  • Meditation and visualization increase athletic performance by improving motivation, coordination and concentration.
  • To take your performance from good to excellence, you first need to develop Self Love and to help increase Self Love, get involved in activities that allow you to be actively sweating.
  • A typical routine to achieve optimum performance: Get proper sleep, drink at least 1 liter of clean water daily, take activated charcoal in the morning to detoxify the body, do active sweating, do fasting once or twice a week.
  • Sacred plant medicines expose your true self and it supports you in facing your own fear within in order to live your live fully.

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Time-Stamped Show Notes

[00:00] Intro

[00:22] A bit of background on Tommy Cassano (and who his clients are)

[02:54] Tommy’s advice on how to take your performance from good to excellent.

[03:52] The common attribute of celebrities, CEO’s / top professionals, and sports athletes.

[05:00] What physical activity can you do to increase your self love?

[05:44] How many sweating minutes should you give yourself ?

[06:26] Active sweating vs Passive sweating (infrared saunas) and why the former is better.

[07:17] How much sleep should you be getting?

[09:00] Do Meditation / Visualization first thing in the morning.

[09:40] Drink AT LEAST a liter of CLEAN water.

[10:45] Tommy’s choice of water.

[12:02] How much water should you be taking in?

[13:12] Piss clear!

[13:26] Activated Charcoal and how Tommy uses it.

[15:45] The benefit of a fasting lifestyle.

[16:37] Why you should choose more High Intensity workouts vs. slow steady activities.

[17:35] What if you’re not after weight loss and you still want to feel strong?

[20:05] Tommy’s recent health hack: Longevity Herbs.

[22:10] How visualization works for Tommy and how he uses it to support his training for races.

[24:00] Tommy’s takeaways regarding plant medicines (entheogens)and their relationship to vitality.

[26:50] We are not sick we are just toxic…toxic in thoughts and action.