Spiritual Journey

EPISODE 28: Continuously Seeking For Your Truth? Here’s What You Might Like to Know

Embarking on a spiritual journey is most often related to a quest for answers and this episode is all about keeping you off that trap of endless search for THE ANSWERS.

How do you put a stop to the cycle of discovery and disappointment? Not all mysteries need to be solved. But if you truly need to do so, how do you find the answers that you are seeking for?

Key takeaways:

  • Not all mysteries need to be solved. But if you truly need to do so, solve it by way of direct experience. Live and discover.
  • Conventional knowledge and second-hand information will never stand a chance against it.
  • Part of the enslavement programming of human beings is to keep us in this mainstream reality by keeping us communicating with each other using a weak language.
  • The first step in creating control is by destroying the language and the songs and the culture of these particular traditions because those languages allow them to express the inexpressible.
  • We are moving from a completely different shift for the human family and there’s a massive conscious awakening of the heart and empathetic awakening going on for the human family.
  • We are realizing inherently that we have moved from our minds to our hearts. More and more people are starting to reach out for the truth and who they are through direct experience and not through just knowledge and information.

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Time-Stamped Show Notes

[00:00] Intro

[00:23] My crazy experiences to find my answers in this crazy world.

[00:52] I was programmed!!!

[01:04] A most sophisticated disease.

[01:26] The mystery of the universe is not a problem to be solved.

[01:47] The problem with my methods before.

[02:53] A world beyond words.

[03:34] The 1st step towards our “slavery”.

[03:49] How control is created and how we are controlled.

[04:05] How do you de-enslave yourself?

[04:35] Don’t fear crazy…BE CRAZY!

[04:54] We are waking up!