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EPISODE 17: How To Go Way Past “SELF HELP” and Increase Self Awareness & Its Direct Application to High Performing Entrepreneurs

Listen in on this hard hitting talk Jeffrey did in a live audience recently 🙂 How do we go past “Self Help”. The tools we have like Books, meditations, and seminars can be supportive, but to a limit. Speaking from my perspective now, the most growth I’ve ever achieved as a human being happened through my application of ancient wisdom in modern times. And as someone who does transformational work and been in it 18 years, I find that people’s misconception of ancient wisdom is an injustice to their powerful, healing, and transformational properties. In today’s episode, allow me to share what is true for me. With the hope that you’ll find something useful from my experiences to support you.

Key takeaways:

  • Find your own medicine within.
  • The number one modality of coaching and transformation is Love.
  • We don’t need fixing.
  • We are interdimensional beings having a human experience..
  • Magic happens when you let go of the usual transformational formula and when you break away from the limitations of modalities.
  • The “why” is a distraction to real transformation.
  • Business is a transformation in itself.
  • Do plant medicine for your own soul’s journey.
  • We are part of a cult called Mainstream.
  • The bottomline is – what matters is the way we serve Mother Earth.
  • If the Amazon dies, we die.

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Time-Stamped Show Notes

[00:00] Early days

[01:29] My growing and deepening habit of Meditation

[02:12] Finding your own medicine within

[02:34] How I describe myself (sort of)

[02:52] Books books books

[03:04 ]Modality of Love

[03:24] Getting fixed when I don’t need fixing in the first place

[03:41] Our purpose as interdimensional beings

[04:05] Being caged in modalities

[04:56] Letting go of “the formula” of knowing the right questions and right answers

[05:31] The common misconception in transformation work

[06:20] Business is a transformation in itself

[06:40] Throwing away the label

[07:01] My rules in My room

[07:41] Fascination with human psychology

[08:24] No one knows what the fuck is going on

[08:56] Letting go of my Fear of not being in control

[09:17] Still something is missing

[10:00] Drugs, Alchohol, and Peer pressure

[10:35] Introduction to the jungle experience

[11:28] The cultural programming of drug

[12:30] The Jungle’s call

[13:34] We are part of a cult

[14:07] Lessons from the jungle

[14:56] Bringing the jungle out into the world

[15:03] My Ego vs Ayahuasca

[15:26] What matters is the way we serve Mother Earth

[15:47] Serving the people in the concrete jungle

[16:28] We are all illegal

[17:43] My place in the universe

[18:33] A journey of the heart