Power of Intentions

EPISODE 30: How to Use Intention to Manifest Money and Other Miracles in Your Life

This episode is all about the power of setting intentions and how it can create more money (as well as with other things you want in life). Most high performing entrepreneurs are either familiar or are already practicing this and they do it because they see results.

And if you feel uncomfortable for taking interest in this, please, have no shame for it. Money is a unit of choice. It allows for more liberties and range. And how you intend to use it is what you should be more critical of. So have a listen and start manifesting.

Key takeaways:

  • The mainstream Western World wants us to think that our intentions are worthless and and it’s just a bunch of spiritual hoopla or for lack of a better term just a bunch of BS. When actually intention is one of the strongest gifts that we have as human beings.
  • Strengthen and believe in your intention. If you believe what the mainstream Western World wants you to think (which is that your intention is weak), then that’s exactly what you’ll get.
  • Money is a unit of choice. It allows for more liberties and range. Yet at the end of the day, what’s really important is the experience that you’re looking for as you work for that currency.
  • In a nutshell:
    1. Get clear about the amount of money you want.
    2. Visualize and feel the emotional experience of having the money as if it’s already done
    3. Drop that visualization and that emotional experience from your mind to your heart while using your breath to bring it in.
    4. Feel the soft breeze of that intention hitting your body and your future timeline of what you’re going to have and then take action consistent with that.
    5. Spend time with others that support that particular intention
    6. Let go of your expectation with that intention

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Time-Stamped Show Notes


[00:23] How does the Mainstream World describe intention?

[00:49] What truly is intention?

[01:03] Keep your intention strong!

[01:12] How do you actually step into your intention?

[01:23] Know that your intention is a gift.

[01:29] Why letting go of expectations after setting intention is important?

[01:55] My best description of what intention is like.

[02:27] Visualize your intention.

[02:39] Drop that energy from the visual and you drop it down into your heart.

[03:04] A Caveat: Action is important for intention to happen.

[03:30] How do you know what actions to take?

[03:36] State your intentions and make it known to others.

[03:44] A summary: How do you actually use intention to manifest more money?

[04:24] You will be challenged to prove how serious you are with your intention.

[04:40] No to mediocrity and Yes to greatness!

[05 :08] What’s more important than money?

[05:38] Be careful of what you intend to manifest.

[05:54] Money equals units of choice.