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EPISODE 22: How Sacred Healing Plant Medicines Could Support High Performing Entrepreneurs in Their Truths?

This is a mashup of my recorded live talks where I speak of my travels to the Amazon jungles and the transformational impact of the sacred healing plant medicines plus a bit more.

I know of businesses which have positively benefited from leaders undergoing this transformational experience and in this episode I talk about THAT change that happens in the leadership role. I also get to clarify what MY real role is in people’s transformation throughout their jungle experience as well as the different elements that I feel, are disrupting our real connection to our human nature and to Mother Earth.

Key takeaways:

  • Our wanting distracts us from what we actually need.
  • Part of being human is to enjoy life’s mystery and to listen to its true message for you.
  • Stop being busy knowing everything and start listening.
  • People often get in a way of someone else’s transformation by being so helpful. Sometimes taking a backseat allows for more of the real connection and change to unfold.
  • Instead of providing answers, I answer questions with questions. Often then is when people discover their own clarity within themselves that no one can take away.
  • We are programmed to fear not knowing everything because we fear the chaos that may result with it. Not realizing that Nature is chaos, and chaos is part of the natural order of humanity. We have lost our humanity so when we get back to our humanity it’s part of being human to enjoy the mystery, and to not know what’s going to have to happen next, and to listen.
  • As Tesla says, we’re transmitters and receivers. As electromagnetic beings we are connected to nature around us. When we are too busy knowing everything, what seems to happen is we stop listening. We’ve forgotten how to listen and we need to remember how to listen.

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Time-Stamped Show Notes

[00:00] Our wanting distracts us from what we actually need.

[00:12] Bringing people in the Jungle and my role in their transformation.

[01:03] The jungle transformational experience results to people coming up with more questions, instead of answers.

[01:32] How I handle questions to get the most effective answers.

[01:52] The powerful change in the leadership role that results after engaging in sacred healing medicine.

[02:46] Nature is chaos.

[03:30] Stop being busy knowing everything and start listening.

[04:02] My wish for a Utopian Village

[04:45] The retirement of the future

[05:18] We, human beings, are the the ultimate technology.

[05:47] The Human Spirit will prevail.