Perfect customers

EPISODE 39: How Leaders Find Their Perfect Customer

Getting in depth with your customers’ definition is one of the critical characteristics of highly successful business leaders.

In this episode, let me share with you some of the questions I have asked myself that helped me get clear on who my perfect customer is.

Key takeaways:

  • When you’re finding yourself having to educate your customers, you’re probably with the wrong avatar…a wrong person to serve.
  • It is every Leader and CEO’s responsibility to know who their businesses are serving. Getting in depth with your customers’ definition is one of the key characteristics of highly successful business leaders.
  • The people who make your heart feel lightest and you feel good connecting with will give you a clue on who your customers are. The ones that you feel like it’s a lot of work? They’re probably not your customers.
  • Oftentimes, how we earn and spend our money represent our values. To find out your perfect customers and consumers, recognise the values behind their earning and spending habits, and determine if you can speak to those values. It helps if your values drive business decision making.
  • Your perfect customer is usually you.

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Time-Stamped Show Notes

[00:00] Intro

[00:31] What is your perfect customer’s name and gender?

[00:40] What is their age range?

[01:25] What do they value?

[02:19] How do your customers spend their money?

[03:09] What do they do for fun?

[03:14] How do they make their money?

[03:32] What is their income range?

[04:44] Where do they live?

[04:59] What do they read?

[05:10] Do they have kids?

[05:18] What do they fear?

[05:39] What do they eat?

[05:39] What types of people give you the most joy to work with?

[05:59] What type of people are you inspired by?

[06:25] Who are the people you are here to actually work with?

[06:58] What are the types of people you don’t want to work with?

[07:26] What types of people would light your fire in life and you can’t believe you get paid to do it?

[07:51] Getting clear on who your perfect customer is.