Medicinal Marijuana

EPISODE 10: New Healing for a Waiting World

Hempstore is currently established as the largest hemp product distribution company that offers over 400 unique hemp products to buyers all over the world. Since hemp can be used in the production of over 50,000 diverse products, the field is wide open for other high-functioning entrepreneurs who may want to look at how they can benefit the world with some great new hemp products.

Key Takeaways

  • The market is open for interested entrepreneurs who have ideas for great hemp products. At present, over 50,000 product uses have been identified.
  • New studies worldwide are showing promising results for possible medical uses.
  • Game-changers can use it to build healthier bodies, and to relax.
  • You can participate in a marijuana ceremonial experience with a shaman.

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Time-Stamped Show Notes

[00:00] Introduction to Alex Impey, owner of Hempstore.

[01:56] Cannabis and hemp oil has been used to treat illness and diseases all over the world, for at least the last few hundred years

[04:20] Entrepreneurs can use it to build healthier bodies, as well as for relaxation.

[13:11] Is addiction an issue?

[20:16] After Vietnam – A short history lesson.

[27:20] Shamanistic and ceremonial use of hemp or cannabis.

[34:08] New studies and promising medical uses.

[38:54] Over 50,000 hemp products that can help the world, an entrepreneur’s dream.

[43:34] Recommended books and media. except for your personal safety.