Leadership Empowerment

EPISODE 34: How Do You Discover and Reinforce Your Message as a Leader?

High Performing Entrepreneurs and Leaders of today are inspiring leadership with their life’s expressions and choices. No longer is it about inspiring people with prolific statements. It has become about your life, being embodied as your own message.

This episode is all about finding your own message as a leader and I’ve got 10 great questions here to help you out in this pursuit.

Key takeaways:

  • Our job to empower other leaders is to work on ourselves and as leaders it’s no longer about having a message, it’s about expressing our lives in such a way that it speaks for us.
  • Your environment affects your reality and behavior.
  • The old leadership method is to be disconnected from people and relationships. It is all about command and control, whereas the new leadership is about connection…to be self-aware and to feel.
  • Instead of thinking payments and incomes in terms of weeks, try breaking down your target money goal in terms of months. The brain is designed to think in terms of months and when you make this switch in approaching money, your money goal becomes achievable this way.
  • When we get healthy we can start to feel again and we feel again we feel other people’s emotions and we feel our own emotions, we become more empathetic leaders.

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Time-Stamped Show Notes

[00:00] Intro

[00:19] Where do you actually live right now and where do you want to live?

[01:02] How do you want to feel as a leader? What do you eat?

[01:57] So, ask yourself as a leader what you’d like your main sources of income to be?

[02:07] How much do you want to earn per month?

[02:49] How much do you want to contribute per month?

[03:03] As a leader what do you do with your downtime?

[03:31] A bit on NuCalm

[04:17] So what changes do you need to make with people you spend time with

[04:53] Have.Sex.Often.

[05:26] When you wake up ask yourself what’s the first thought you say to yourself?

[06:06] What are you really committed to changing in this world?

[06:43] What ways do you contribute most in your life?