Entrepreneurial Edge

EPISODE 32: How to Discover and Act on Your Entrepreneurial Edge

This episode is a short question & answer section from one of my mentorship course where the talk revolved around entrepreneurial edge and what it brings to the table – both in business and life in general.

Key takeaways:

  • As a high-performing entrepreneur, discovering and living at your edge allow the magic of life to show up more for you; you get comfortable in your fears; and you develop gratitude for what happens in your life…your fears, included.
  • Discovering your entrepreneurial edge helps you identify where your strengths lie as a business owner and where there is room to grow. It lets you know where you are on your track and what essentially holds you back.
  • By discovering your edge, you discover your greatness.
  • And if you don’t even consider living at your edge, then essentially, you are wasting your life away.
  • Sometimes it’s not that you don’t know the answer to your problems, it’s that you don’t want to face them.

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Time-Stamped Show Notes

[00:00] Intro

[00:34] The benefits of discovering your edge.

[01:23] The weirdest thing I have ever done.

[02:13] How I discovered my own edge.

[04:31] Where do I see myself in five to ten years?

[06:14] What history books say about the killings of the Andes Mountain people and why I think those books are lying.

[07:56] What lights me up and how do I know when I’m in alignment and when I’m not.

[09:41] When your audience isn’t ready for your topic.

[10:53] Some questions for you to ponder.