Ancient Wisdom

EPISODE 35: Challenge Your Thinking on Ancient Wisdom

Most of our presuppositions are rooted from what’s taught to us by conventional institutions, the mainstream media, and current society. Unfortunately, most of these presuppositions are limiting…and most of these are BS.

Today’s episode focuses on ancient wisdom and how they are still relevant in our NOW. More importantly, I got some questions here to help you challenge your thinking around it. Questions that I hope will not only unleash more questions to uncover truths, but more importantly, to help you live a fulfilled life.

Key takeaways:

  • Ancient wisdom transcends modern wisdom. What applies then, still applies now.
  • Reconsider where you are getting your wisdom. The conventional education that people receive tends to be lacking in promoting real connection with our environment and connection with all other living beings. This connection is what heals the gap that allows hate and violence to breed among living beings.
  • Entrepreneurs who are connected with the universe are able to feel a sense of symbiotic connection to everything around them, enabling to build better businesses for the future – businesses that nurtures the planet and everything living in it, as opposed to businesses that harm and depletes resources.
  • Entrepreneurs should realize that time is omnidirectional. It is always NOW. Therefore, as beings existing in any given point in time, we are timeless. And when we find ourselves in thoughts or doing activities that distracts us from time, those are cues that aligns us with our very own essence of timelessness. Create businesses following those cues and you will find that you will have greater energy and joy in them. Then your business no longer becomes work, it becomes your inspiration.

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Time-Stamped Show Notes

[00:00] Intro

[00:11] Ancient wisdom transcends modern wisdom

[00:53] If the Western culture really has it all together then why is there still war and famine?

[01:43] Where are you getting your wisdom?

[02:15] Go listen to these two people to find out more about our human origins.

[02:24] How the importance of where you get your wisdom relates to high-performing awakening entrepreneurs?

[02:52] Is the current Western World preparing our next generation for the future?

[03:13] An interesting bit on raising happier and wisdom led children.

[04:00] Why some financially-secured high performing entrepreneurs choose to enroll their children in public schools?

[05:25] What if we’ve been lied to about what nutrition actually is?

[05:47] Green zones on this planet.

[06:30] Time is omnidirectional.

[07:21] What is true transformation?

[07:45] How to be more in tune with the natural essence of yourself as a timeless being?

[08:19] How to have more energy and inspiration in business?

[08:35] What if ancient wisdom was a future working backward? My experience with the 5-MeO-DMT Desert toad (Sonoran Desert Toad)

[11:27] The difference between people connected to nature and those who are not.

[12:05] Are you questioning your cultural programming?