Presenting over 200 days a year around the world, Jeffrey Slayter will often be asked to keynote or speak at events/conferences. Topics covered are primarily business psychology focused, whilst being uniquely integrated with a human potential theme to give them behavioural shifts and tangible takeaways.

Jeffrey Slayter can speak on Leadership, Sales and Team dynamics for the corporate world. He is also is open to being interviewed for radio shows, podcasts, and television appearances. Custom speeches/talks can be created, so please feel free to contact us to have this discussion.


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Speaker Bio

Jeffrey has had the opportunity to train and learn from over 3 million people (both online and offline) in over 12 different countries (some include; Australia, United States, German, Indonesia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Singapore, Malaysia, Germany, Italy and India). Jeffrey has shared the stage with top speakers like:

  • Les Brown (internationally rated the top motivational speaker)
  • Bob Proctor and Dr. Demartini (stars from the movie The Secret)
  • T Harv Eker (best-selling author of The Secrets of a Millionaire Mind)
  • John Grey (best-selling author of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus)
  • Keith Cunningham (a lead instructor for Tony Robins Wealth Mastery)
  • Frank Kern (the highest paid direct response internet marketer in the world)
  • Christine Comaford (NY times best-selling author and venture capitalist)
  • Tim Ferriss (author of The 4-Hour Work Week)
  • Sir Richard Branson (founder of Virgin)
  • Harry Dent (leading world economist)

and many more…

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My Topics

Title of Talk: The Future of Corporations

We have entered a new era of business. The corporation is at odds with the future. The old model of ONLY paying attention to profits will go extinct like a species not fit for what is yet to come. The future of corporations measures Five (5) important elements, they are: Purpose, Planet, People, Prosperity and Perseverance.

The days are over where people check their humanness at the door and become a cog in a machine. The people participating in the future of corporations are reaching for a new level of purpose and meaning in their work.

According to Towers Watson’s 2014 Global Workforce Study, which covers responses from over 32,000 employees across a range of industries in 26 markets including Australia, only 4 out of 10 employees are highly engaged. This means lack of Purpose and Perseverance is running rampant in most corporations. This is slaughtering overall Prosperity and bottom-line.

It also shows, that only 48% of employees report that their top management is doing a good job of providing effective leadership, another prime example of the element of People being left out.

The future corporations understand the element of a sustainable Planet and are doing everything possible to not only look after their profits but the planet itself.

This means they are becoming sustainable for the planet and themselves. This is the future of corporations. Without this, there will be no corporations. Within this presentation your sales people will leave with an understanding of:

· Exploring and installing how to make pieces of the future happen inside your corporation from the top down.


Title of Talk: The Future of Leadership

The leaders of tomorrow we know that the playing field has changed. As corporations and teams we now demand our leaders be able to balance multiple (and often conflicting) drivers – performance and empathy, strength and flexibility, speed and creativity, collaboration and results.

To show up and perform fearlessly in the face of these expectations – we need to tap into something stronger than day-to-day survival and caffeine.

The key is to learn the skills of integrated leadership, where our leaders can access all of their resilience, strength, empathy and purpose. Within this presentation your leaders will leave with an understanding of:

  • Inside out leadership and why authenticity is critical in a crowded world
  • How to get the more out of your team, by saying less
  • Showing up 100% and on purpose
  • Creating clear „human focused‟ agreements

Title of Talk: The Future of Sales

Just as a new corporation is born it breeds a new type of sales person. These sales people don’t sell, they interview, connect and network. The days of simply talking “features and benefits” are over, replaced with a symbiotic conversation where a client’s true needs are uncovered and met.

This new generation of sales person is focused on creating win for all three parties, with the third party being their community.

Securing the skills to support this new breed of sales person – along with igniting the passion and purpose they are looking for within their roles – will be the next frontier of competitive advantage in sales. Within this presentation your sales people will leave with an understanding of:

  • Inside out Selling
  • 3 tips to sell more – by talking less
  • The power of requests vs. demands
  • How to create “connected” sales that always repeat
  • Transform your sales approach, to make FEWER CALLS and MORE SALES

Title of Talk: Jeffrey Slayter Unplugged

We are at the dawn of a new era for business. Discover the future of conscious enterprise taught only by Jeffrey Slayter. Jeffrey Slayter is a pioneer in the world of business and has the natural gift to access a wealth of information sourced from over 20,000 hrs of personal research coupled with experience. Thus allowing him to engage with the people of the room in a much deeper process and share custom tailored information for his audience.

This information is intended to support them in their unique journey while building their enterprises and lives. This is done in a far more substantial, sustainable, and profitable way than ever before.

The audience will walk away with tangible takeaways, while having a new way to look at their lives, relationships and business. No presentation is ever the same. His information at times challenges beliefs, the normal mundane structure, and the common approaches to life and business.

This is why Jeffrey Slayter is constantly booked back to back by his executive clients for conferences and business events, to keep them at the cutting edge. This practice is to keep them remembering that there was never a box to think outside of, in the first place. Jeffrey Slayter has an unconventional approach that creates unconventional results.