The invitation of a lifetime to High Performing, evolutionary entrepreneurs (or perhaps many lifetimes)

As you may have heard, or read, each year an exclusive group of entrepreneurs head to the jungles or the mountains of South America to do some of the deepest transformation work available with some deep support from the elders. Typically this is not publicly available yet after many request we made it available with application only.


We have been putting on these retreats for years and are booked solid - they last 11 days and are typically mid year.  Our 2017 is fully booked and 2018 will fill up fast. We always give first priority to our existing members. This is for the entrepreneurs that want to go to the jungles with other high performing entrepreneurs and are after a different experience then your normal medicine retreat (which also have their place and some of them facilitate some amazing transformational healing work.)



We not only do deep inner work on ourselves while growing ourselves and our business’, we also incorporate a give back project to the people of the Jungle. There are other less expensive ways to go to the jungle, this is not one of them. - what I am offering is a very different experience.


Apply here before it is booked out.

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