The Men’s Edge Group Retreat

We invite you to remember who and what you really are

If you accept this call, it will transform your life and your understanding of your essence, and your true purpose.

This is your invitation to join an exclusive group of people on a life changing journey to South America, where you will awaken your mind, body and soul with meditation, and medicine from the Bufo Alvarius toad/entheogen 5-MeO-DMT and other entheogens. Through the shamanic cultivation of ancient energetic modalities, we will help you awaken your full potential to create a profound paradigm shift.

As a truth seeker, you strive to know yourself, to understand your reality, and to rejoin the true awareness of an alive and intelligent universe. By looking within you can find not just answers, but peace and reconnection.

You know that the world is abundant, and that energy is the true currency of these times. You can feel the world changing, and a call within yourself to reflect that change as well. You are hungry for this revelation of truth.

Who it is for? 

  • Men who have an open mind and are curious about finding their edge in life and going outside of their comfort zone to discover themselves beyond the cultural programming.
  • Typically, the type of people who join us on this retreat are high performing professionals or those seeking a reconnection to their soul’s true nature.
  • Men who are seriously ready for change on a core, deep level.
  • Those who wish to take their new state to make a difference in the world.
  • The men who attend this have had at least minor initiation experiences.
  • This is an exclusive application only experience.

In ancient times the women would gather in groups separate from the men in order to strengthen their self awareness and place in the universe. This created sisterhoods and brotherhoods of lasting friendships with the collective purpose of benefiting humanity. This also supported the men and women in better relationships with each other.

Who it is not for?

  • Chest pounding super important men. This retreat has no room for egos that are not willing to take a back seat. The attendees who go to this retreat are all successful in their professional lives. Nobody gives a crap how much money or status you have. If you’re not willing to annihilate your sense of identity this is not for you.
  • Those who are happy to remain asleep.
  • People who do not want to grow or be challenged.
  • People not open to travel.
  • Those who think they already know what reality is.
  • Those not ready to join a group experience and let go of boundaries.

What do we do? 

  • The location will be a high end private luxury location nestled in nature.
  • There are only eight spots available. We do this to make sure that we care and have the attention for each individual.
  • There will be a minimum of three ceremonies working with the Bufo Alvarius toad/5-MeO-DMT. Some will be individual and some group.
  • There will be one ceremony with kambo, a frog medicine that is used to strengthen and heal mind, body and spirit. We will have three very experienced facilitators.
  • We will also do some men’s initiation experiences that involve active activities.
  • We will also be working with the spirit of tobacco.

We will incorporate clarity of vision conversations to show you how to bring back these newfound experiences into your business and life.

Why the BufoAlvarius toad/5-MeO-DMT?

The BufoAlvarius toad is a psychoactive toad found in northern Mexico and the southwestern United States. Its skin and venom and the toad's parotoid glands produce the 5-MeO-DMT and bufotenin for which the toad is known; both of these chemicals belong to the family of hallucinogenic tryptamines. 5- MeO-DMT may be safely smoked and is powerfully psychoactive. After inhalation the user usually experiences a warm sensation, euphoria, and strong spiritual activation and interconnection to non-dual states of mind.

We ethically source the toad medicine from the indigenous Seri Tribe in the Sonoran Desert of Mexico, and we ensure that the toads are treated fairly in the process of harvesting the medicine from their glands, and that they are returned to nature unharmed. The toad medicine is legal in Mexico.

The Bufo toad is a different creature from the PhylomedusaBicolor frog that the kambo venom is extracted from and is also used in other shamanic cultures. We do not use kambo frog secretion and this is very different medicine.

While it’s function is not fully understood, DMT is produced endogenously in our brains and is found throughout the animal and plant kingdoms. Its powerful psychedelic effects reliably cause ‘mystical experiences’, especially when imbibed from earth-based medicines with high natural concentrations. It also has many health benefits on the body flushing clean blockages and supporting immunomodulation capacity. Traditional and indigenous plant and earth-based shamanism using DMT rich sources are not legal in many parts of the world. 5-MeO-DMT engenders a full immersion into the non-dual or unity state of consciousness reported by meditators, mystics, and other shamanic practitioners in cultures all across the world.

Daily discussions and workshops

Our 7 day program will entail gentle introductions to the medicine and support modalities, leading up to a full, unity breakthrough and deep integration sessions. You will be supported through the love and grace of the facilitators.

We will have a registered Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) aide on hand and a full first aid kit and training for your health and safety needs.

The subject of meditation, and toad medicine is multi-levelled and profound, and our facilitators will be more than happy to discuss the intricacies with you as part of the initiation process. Every effort will be dedicated to you personally, and as part of the group, to understand your needs and essence, and to nurture that to its full potential. You will be met. You will be held. You will be reflected and understood.

Over the course of the 7 days we will partake of the toad medicine at least three times, once as a full breakthrough session in which you will be fully supported in letting go and rejoining the non-dual state; secondly as a follow up to re- anchor the energetic activation; and lastly as a gentle exercise as part of a group session to remember, reseal and release.

There will be daily yoga and Insight meditation classes with full instruction for beginners and inspiration for advanced yogis, to support you body and mind to get the most from the toad medicine.

You will be in a private retreat setting.

As part of the bell curve of our 7 day retreat, gently departing from the known into deeper and deeper levels of consciousness itself, and the full immersive breakthrough toad medicine 5-MeO-DMT experience, we will spend time helping integrate and embody back into yourself, and who you may become.

The last few days of retreat will ensure you have the crucial psychological support, the physical structure, and the conscious understanding to integrate your breakthrough awakening experience.


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What will I get from this program?

  • A breakthrough experience that redefines your understanding of who and what you truly are.
  • A letting go of limiting belief systems.
  • A taste of ego death and rebirth and the realisation of eternity.
  • A redefinition of the life and your place in it.
  • An understanding and training in your body, brainwave states, the ego and unity consciousness.
  • An appreciation of the true interconnectedness and joy of life.

What will I experience?

  • Daily yoga and awareness exercises to honour and awaken the body.
  • A specially crafted journey to introduce you to these techniques and to the BufoAlvarius toad medicine itself.
  • We will then support you in deepening your process, and in giving context and understanding to your physical and psychic blossoming.
  • Deep integration of the peak experiences will be anchored, allowing you to embody the wisdom you learn and to remember the truth revealed.
  • Group ritual and individual initiation.

Nothing will ever be the same. This is your time. This is your opportunity.

We will empower you to know yourself. To know your body and how the ancient science of yoga supports your divine temple.To know your mind and the flow of thoughts, to be skilled in simple meditation techniques to rebalance.

We will teach you the correct role of the ego in serving your full being. We will assist you to listen with your heart, to open your feeling pathways to go deeper and deeper into Source itself with the most powerful of sacred medicines, 5-MeO-DMT. This substance occurs naturally in the human brain and in the plant and animal kingdom, and appears to be nature’s built-in key to the higher realms of being.Many shamanic medicines like ayahuasca, san pedro, kambo and more are becoming accessible in the West, and the Bufo Alvarius toad/5-MeO-DMT use is on the rise as well. Unlike a single experience we offer this retreat as a launching pad and a container over 8 days and 7 nights to fully assist your integration of the experience.

The toad medicine is also scarce and with the increase in demand, pressure is on the toads and their habitat. We source our medicine ethically and donate back to resource management groups, ensuring viability and sustainability.

How do I prepare?

In the months before the retreat, our trained facilitators will connect with you for a one-on-one consultation process. We will work together to understand you and where you are on your path, whatever limitations or blockages may be holding you back, and engage you in a process of asking the questions of self-inquiry to set you on the path.

We will create a sense of who we are, and establish rapport with you to feel informed and safe in the process of our retreat.We will establish a safe medical container for you by understanding your health and wellbeing.

We will answer any questions you have about our awakening process and provide reading materials, videos and media to support your understanding.

The inner work we do on this retreat is best supported by a healthy body and mind.

We all know how stressful Western work culture can be, but the act of focusing on your purification is a sign of commitment and refining your energy for the activation it will encounter. Try to decrease alcohol, recreational drugs, caffeine and sugar to retain your vital energy in the week before the retreat.


Click the button and you will be directed to a page where you can fill out an application form.

What is the investment?

US$6,500 per person (100% of the profits of this entire retreat go towards the preservation of ancient shamanic practices and the Bufo Alvarius toad).

How do I get involved?

This experience is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. Nothing can prepare you for this retreat and the outcome of it. We do require that you are healthy and in good mind. We have a very strict application and medical assessment before attending.

The first step is a general application to make sure that you are a fit with the other men. The second step is more of a medical assessment. Once both have been cleared you are welcome to join.

In our screening process we will discuss any medical issues or concerns you might have, and any medications you are on. Toad medicine is the strongest earth-based medicine for re-connecting consciousness available, and it is not for the weak of heart (mentally or literally), nor for those with pre-existing medical complaints or a history of mental imbalance or psychological problems. Our trained facilitators will support you through the program and we require you to be honest with us about your medical history so we can better support you.

Heads up for your safety

Physical conditions which can also affect safety considerations are heart conditions and history of seizures. We must be made aware of all pharmaceutical medications that a guest is taking and the reason for it.  We will not be able to accept anyone who has been taking anti depressants or barbiturates and has not had at least one month totally off of them.

What are the dates?

Check in March 20th, 2018at 3pm.
Check out March 27th, 2018 at 10am.

Total number of days – 7.

Where is the location?

South America

More details after application accepted to keep it exclusive and private.

Note: Due to the high demand of men wanting to attend and the limited number of spots, please be patient. In the event that this is full, we will be doing other dates.

Who are the facilitators?

Jeffrey Slayter
Jeffrey Slayter is a positive disrupter of psyches (in a good way), having played the role of transformational coach and facilitator and spoken to over three million people from twelve different countries. He has shared the stage with other incredible thought leaders like Sir Richard Branson (founder of Virgin), Brian Tracy (world renowned motivational speaker and author), Dr. Demartini (star from the movie The Secret), Frank Kern (the highest paid direct response internet marketer in the world), Tim Ferriss (Author of Four Hour WorkWeek), Tony Robbins and many others. He questions the validity of the beliefs that are holding leaders back. Having likely coached one of the coaches you’ve engaged at some point along your entrepreneurial journey, Jeffrey Slayter has a level of mastery in facilitation that will have even the most sceptical of clients melting away years of being “stuck” in debilitating patterns. Whether you’re building a billion dollar company or about to break through to the 7 figure mark, there are some core human behaviours that Jeffrey will help you embody faster than anyone else. Some of the world’s biggest game changers, social entrepreneurs, internet marketers and consultants have reported that Jeffrey’s golden edge is to integrate “purpose with profits” in a way that brings greater meaning to the work they are doing here in the world. Jeffrey feels called here in this lifetime to support the awakening of entrepreneurs while helping them achieve even greater outcomes for their purpose, profits, people and the planet.

Rak Razam

Rak Razam is the world’s leading ‘experiential’ journalist, writing about and helping shape the emergence of a new cultural paradigm in the 21st century. A writer, film producer and culture maker, he bridges the worlds of shamanism, consciousness and popular culture.

He is currently developing an episodic TV show called Shamans of the Global Village which he is the host, writer and producer of, with director Niles Heckman.


A prolific media maker and networker, he hosts a popular podcast show In a Perfect World (

Author of the critically acclaimed book Aya Awakenings: A Shamanic Odyssey and the companion volume of interviews, The Ayahuasca Sessions, he is a frequent lecturer on ayahuasca and the shamanic revival sweeping the West. He wrote, produced and co-directed the ground-breaking visionary documentary Aya: Awakenings(

He has been hosting dynamic speaking engagements, panel facilitation and lectures across Australia and North America at conferences, transformational festivals and other events for the past five years, weaving together the New Age, counter-culture and progressive thought. He has been called one of the “leading spokespersons for the new paradigm”.

Jewelli Dollman

Jewelli supports souls to bloom into their highest potential with potent earth-based vibrational medicine. Based in Byron Bay, Australia, she carries 15 years of healing wisdom to guide you on your journey. She is a Spirit Guide medium, holds a degree in Psychology & Sociology, as well as over 10 years of Holistic Counselling experience. Jewelli’s entheogenic work helps balance emotions, harmonise negative feelings and belief patterns held in the subconscious mind, and empower emotional health and wellbeing.

As Program Director she will support you in remembering and activating your highest potential. She says: “I am extremely excited about this new (yet ancient) paradigm of health, especially for healing the emotional body and creating profound shifts of consciousness within ourselves.”

Medicine Man

Has experience in thousands of ceremonies. More info disclosed after application.

Medicine Woman

Has experience in thousands of ceremonies. More info disclosed after application.

At times we will have the gift of some mysterious, little known to public medicine men and women who do not have public profiles and would like to keep it that way.

What is the non-profit we are working with?

100% of the profits will go to a registered 501-3C located in the United States.


Click the button and you will be directed to a page where you can fill out an application form.

frank-success"I can’t personally say enough good things about this guy, I think you should pay close attention to what he say
- it’ll change your life!”

Frank Kern (highest paid internet marketer in the world)




demartini-success2"Jeffrey has an authentic way of connecting with individuals and genuinely relating to them as if they already are
creative geniuses with huge potentials who will leave their own special mark on the world. In this way he
catalyzes their ever greater awareness and sets a light their stored, but vast creativities."

Dr. John Demartini (from the film ”The Secret”)





bob-success"The work that Jeff does is 'Classic' if you can get an opportunity to work with him – pick it up fast!"

Bob Proctor (star of The Secret and Life Success Coach)

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