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EPISODE 13: Beyond the Hustle with the Seven-Time World Champion Female Surfer

The most successful female surfer in history, Layne Beachley, is a seven-time world champion. Now that she has retired from active competition, she is a sought-after motivational speaker, trainer, and mentor. Beachley works with individuals and teams on the subjects of personal fulfillment and creating success. She also directs the charity she founded, Aim for...

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EPISODE 14: A Rundown in Creating a Business That Works for You!

HERE’S A RUNDOWN IN CREATING A BUSINESS THAT WORKS FOR YOU! I’ve been speaking about my own experiences (mistakes included) in various interviews on creating a business and making it work. I get asked about it a lot so I figured, why not compile those tidbits together in a mashup of short audio recording and...

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EPISODE 15: How to Move Past Achievement

This audio clip is about GETTING RICH (what does rich mean anyway?) How to get rich, how does it feel like to be rich, how do you know you are rich, how’s it like being rich but not knowing it? And then this clip is also about BEING POOR. (what does poor mean anyway?) Poor...

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EPISODE 16: How to Have a Relationship as a High Performing Entrepreneur

Twin Flames Lee and Sherry Patterson built their coaching business from the ground up, and are now internationally known relationship and spiritual coaches. This gifted couple will guide you to your truth and send you searching for your soul in their lectures. In today’s episode, they join the Jeffrey Slayter Show to talk about your...

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EPISODE 17: How To Go Way Past “SELF HELP” and Increase Self Awareness & Its Direct Application to High Performing Entrepreneurs

Listen in on this hard hitting talk Jeffrey did in a live audience recently 🙂 How do we go past “Self Help”. The tools we have like Books, meditations, and seminars can be supportive, but to a limit. Speaking from my perspective now, the most growth I’ve ever achieved as a human being happened through...

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EPISODE 18: She Quit Ayahuasca Shamanism After 11 Years and 1K Ceremonies and Why High Performing Entrepreneurs Should Care

Tina “Kat” Courtney caught my attention with her blog post titled Why I Quit Ayahuasca Shamanism After 11 Years and 1,000 Ceremonies. Kat spent a decade at Disney launching the online subscription product Disney Blast. Next, she cofounded a successful video game studio and worked with many startups to help them make their digital mark....

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