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EPISODE 45: How To Get Over Your Fear of Getting The Pay That You Deserve

It’s time to look beyond the misconception that the price of your services or your products have to do with your value as a person or a being. This week’s episode focuses on what’s keeping people from setting a rate/fee for their service or setting a price for their product that they deserve and how...

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EPISODE 44: Enhance Your Own Leadership Through The Leaders Who Inspire You

As a leader, knowing who other leaders inspire you is important. The ones who inspire you, emulate the values that are already inherent in you and to establish true leadership, you have to lead from your core convictions. In this episode, learn a quick exercise on how you can collate the top leadership traits you...

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EPISODE 43: Actual Results vs Perceived Results: How To Manage Them To Improve Your Business

Are you and your business visible online? And if you are, are you making the most of the various platforms to direct more clients your way? And it’s not just that. Presence and visibility needs to be supported by the actual results of your work. How do you work on those two at the same...

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EPISODE 42: How Do You Pave The Way as The Leader of Your Business and Your People?

This episode is recorded from one of my talks on leadership. Leaders are meant to pave the way for the rest. As a CEO, that is your ultimate task. Both the brunt and rewards of your company’s performance are on your shoulders. How do you then clear the path and set the stage for your...

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EPISODE 41: How to Establish Clarity Within You and With Your Message

As a leader, clarity is crucial to getting your message across and getting things done. Yet what if you are not getting any clarity within you and what you want in life, at all? Check out the steps on how you can figure out and get clear on what’s clouding things for you. Key takeaways:...

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EPISODE 40: How Can High Performing Entrepreneurs and Leaders Effectively Manage Their Fears?

This week’s episode focuses on managing your fear. You may hear me talk about something seemingly basic yet what you may not know, is how you can make the most of this to redefine your relationship with your fear. Getting real with this fundamental practice has helped me face my fears. And if you’ve been...

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EPISODE 39: How Leaders Find Their Perfect Customer

Getting in depth with your customers’ definition is one of the critical characteristics of highly successful business leaders. In this episode, let me share with you some of the questions I have asked myself that helped me get clear on who my perfect customer is. Key takeaways: When you’re finding yourself having to educate your...

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EPISODE 38: How Legacy Best Defines a Great Leadership

This week’s guest is Dov Baron, the man with a finger on the pulse of the evolving world of NextGen leadership. He has been speaking internationally for over 30 years, is one of Inc. Magazine’s Top 100 Leadership Speakers to hire, and is considered by many as the leading authority on Authentic Leadership. Dov is...

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EPISODE 37: Why It’s Okay to Stop Achieving for Something

At various points in our lives, we’ve all set up our own yardstick for achievement and success. Yet the funny thing of it all is that we feel the need to achieve for something when we are already inherently able to do that just by existing and listening to our soul’s calling. Today’s episode tackles...

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EPISODE 36: How to Connect with Your Emotions to Achieve Your Vision

Most leaders can agree that you have to have a vision but not all leaders approach it the same way. The old leadership style is devoid of emotions yet what if actually getting connected to your emotions is the key to achieving your vision? This episode deals with how you can connect with your emotions...

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EPISODE 35: Challenge Your Thinking on Ancient Wisdom

Most of our presuppositions are rooted from what’s taught to us by conventional institutions, the mainstream media, and current society. Unfortunately, most of these presuppositions are limiting…and most of these are BS. Today’s episode focuses on ancient wisdom and how they are still relevant in our NOW. More importantly, I got some questions here to...

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EPISODE 34: How Do You Discover and Reinforce Your Message as a Leader?

High Performing Entrepreneurs and Leaders of today are inspiring leadership with their life’s expressions and choices. No longer is it about inspiring people with prolific statements. It has become about your life, being embodied as your own message. This episode is all about finding your own message as a leader and I’ve got 10 great...

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