EPISODE 7: Healthy Tips for Enhanced Productivity

David Wolfe is a leading educator and presenter at the annual Longevity Conference Institute of Integrated Nutrition, and at the Body Mind Institute. He has been traveling around sharing his message for the past 22 years. Wolfe has appeared at more than 2,500 events, is a best-selling author of several books, including Longevity Now and Superfoods. He shares some of his favorite methods to elevate and sustain wellness for super-achievers who want a healthy body, high energy, and enhanced productivity.

Key Learnings David Wolfe Recommends:

  • Drink one liter of water upon rising.
  • Take activated charcoal in water morning and night.
  • Make one meal a day a smoothie to rest digestion.
  • Embrace the cold with cryotherapy.
  • Spend one full hour in nature every day to recharge.

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Time-Stamped Show Notes

[00:00] Background on David Wolfe, entrepreneur, best-selling author, leading educator, organic farmer, and chocolate-lover.

[01:20] Activated charcoal every day helps remove toxins from your body.

[05:09] Drink at least one liter of water as soon as you get up in the morning.

[08:10] Replace one meal per day with a super-food smoothie for extra energy.

[10:32] Always have greens with food. Avoid combining protein and starch in the same meal.

[11:25] Cutting-edge entrepreneurs embrace 5-day juice fasts to detoxify. Some top performers, including pro athletes, are into whole body cryotherapy (WBC).

[17:28] The growing desire to reconnect with the sacred.

[21:10] Medicinal mushrooms for peak performers.

[24:55] One measured hour in nature every day.

[27:40] The magic of sleeping less.

[30:12] Support standards of quality within the food industry. Be part of the change.

[35:50] For Australian tour dates, connect with Wolfe on his website and on Facebook.