EPISODE 44: Enhance Your Own Leadership Through The Leaders Who Inspire You

As a leader, knowing who other leaders inspire you is important. The ones who inspire you, emulate the values that are already inherent in you and to establish true leadership, you have to lead from your core convictions.

In this episode, learn a quick exercise on how you can collate the top leadership traits you are drawn to from other leaders and a few questions as well to guide you in adopting those traits.

Key takeaways:

  • Leaders face the truth. Therefore, when in need of change and action, they get real with themselves and with their environment.
  • Thereafter, they are able to make decisions that arise from something pure and honest, resulting to better outcomes.
  • Leaders are inspired by other leaders. They see leadership in others because there’s leadership in themselves.
  • Identify the traits of the leaders who inspire you and get real with the actions that you need to adopt and amplify those traits.
  • If you are able to identify inspiring traits from other leaders, then you yourself share the same traits. The challenge for you then is how you can amplify and strengthen those traits in you.

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Time-Stamped Show Notes

[00:00] Intro

[00:14] What kind of leaders inspire you?

[00:25] List down 5 leaders who inspire you.

[00:30] List down 5 traits from each of the 5 leaders who inspire you.

[01:32] Choose 5 top traits out of the 25 total traits of the 5 leaders who inspire you.

[01:49] How far away are you where you are now to adopting those 5 top traits?

[02:05] What are the actions that you need to do to adopt those traits?

[02:14] What are the actions necessary to amplify those traits in your life?

[02:54] Leaders are inspired by other leaders.