EPISODE 43: Actual Results vs Perceived Results: How To Manage Them To Improve Your Business

Are you and your business visible online? And if you are, are you making the most of the various platforms to direct more clients your way? And it’s not just that. Presence and visibility needs to be supported by the actual results of your work. How do you work on those two at the same time?

This episode tackles two leadership domains that you need to manage well: one is the Actual Results you achieve when serving your clients and the other is Perceived Results, which is how you are perceived by others. Listen in and start reinforcing your business’ strengths.

Key takeaways:

  • In managing your business, oftentimes, the focus is placed on getting or providing actual results (Actual Results). Yet to further improve your business, you should also consider your visibility in the industry (Perceived Results) which can create potential additional business for you.
  • Find out if you are being referred around and how often. Referrals are indicators of how others value the work you do and how useful you can be for others.
  • Engage with people as you work on delivering actual results and request testimonials from people who have been satisfied with your work. At any rate, most people who have experienced high satisfaction with your business will volunteer to provide testimonials for you. This supports your work by establishing your image and your business.
  • Learn from Tony Robbins. His visibility online (Perceived Results) are very high, therefore, if nobody knows him they can look him up online as he already exists as a high profile person.
  • If somebody’s never heard of you, increase and improve your online presence: work on increasing the number of your Twitter followers, Facebook followers/fans, number of Facebook likes, number of guest appearances on podcasts, providing free online content. All those things add up to being higher perceived results.

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Time-Stamped Show Notes

[00:00] Background on David Wolfe, entrepreneur, best-selling author, leading educator, organic farmer, and chocolate-lover.

[01:20] Activated charcoal every day helps remove toxins from your body.

[05:09] Drink at least one liter of water as soon as you get up in the morning.

[08:10] Replace one meal per day with a super-food smoothie for extra energy.

[10:32] Always have greens with food. Avoid combining protein and starch in the same meal.

[11:25] Cutting-edge entrepreneurs embrace 5-day juice fasts to detoxify. Some top performers, including pro athletes, are into whole body cryotherapy (WBC).

[17:28] The growing desire to reconnect with the sacred.

[21:10] Medicinal mushrooms for peak performers.

[24:55] One measured hour in nature every day.

[27:40] The magic of sleeping less.

[30:12] Support standards of quality within the food industry. Be part of the change.

[35:50] For Australian tour dates, connect with Wolfe on his website and on Facebook.