EPISODE 36: How to Connect with Your Emotions to Achieve Your Vision

Most leaders can agree that you have to have a vision but not all leaders approach it the same way. The old leadership style is devoid of emotions yet what if actually getting connected to your emotions is the key to achieving your vision? This episode deals with how you can connect with your emotions in order for you to get to your goal.

Key takeaways:

  • As leaders, we need to emotionalize our vision, which means we need to get in touch with our own emotions and then we can spark the emotions of others.
  • We are better coaches when we feel.
  • A vision without emotion doesn’t happen.
  • Leaders and high performing entrepreneurs treat the vision in their head and in their heart as if it is already achieved and they resonate with that frequency.
  • We are more afraid of getting the vision that we want than actually failing at our vision.

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Time-Stamped Show Notes

[00:00] Intro

[00:35] How much do you tap into your emotions?

[01:03] To what degree do you actually feel life?

[01:23] Do you feel your vision as if it’s currently done?

[01:44] What feelings in motion come with your vision?

[01:59] What emotions are you afraid to feel in your vision?

[02:18] A vision without emotion doesn’t happen

[02:32] What if you actually feel your fear of the future anyway?

[03:08] Your real fear