EPISODE 31: Curious About the Potential Future of Humanity?

This episode is a recording from one of my live talks, where I was asked about what it’s like to live in a light based reality. Like what is the future of humanity?

I find that the language as what we know can never truly express the perfect explanation. But I know what’s out there that can ultimately provide the answer to that question…and we have been ignoring it all along. I can only speak from experience and it’s an experience worth sharing.

Key takeaways:

  • The death of identity or ego can be threatening to those who have not experienced it.
  • Let’s stop being tourists in our own bodies. Inside of our bodies are all the answers we ever wanted.
  • Mother Earth supports our creative forces through the healing plants in the Amazons that have existed for centuries, just waiting to be discovered and integrated into our lives.
  • Notice that what we have right now as normal is not working. So let’s try something else.

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Time-Stamped Show Notes

[00:00] The Universe is strung together by a song.

[00:17] The language that we know of is going to become obsolete.

[00:34] That language ( English ) will evolve and will become a language of the heart.

[01:08] We’re here to birth heaven on earth.

[01:15] The downside of “Knowing”

[02:01] My gratitude to our allies, the incredible master plants.

[02:38] What I learned from the master plants.

[03:15] Inside our bodies are all the answers we ever wanted.

[04:22] Here’s a thought on what I think we are being programmed to believe and do.

[04:53] A light based reality of pure creation.