EPISODE 29: What Spiritual Entrepreneurs Should Consider When Doing Business

For most of the entrepreneurs in the spiritual community, the challenge is how to market their businesses without getting all “businessy”. It is as if, they have to stay only on ONE side of the line and to practice the conventional marketing strategies is being untrue to themselves.

Today’s episode is a recording from one of my live talks on bridging business and spirituality. And if you are among those who are confused and struggling with this mindset, this may help shed some light for you.

Key takeaways:

  • Physical marketing comes from a standpoint of what we normally know about marketing and its dimensions. Esoteric marketing is when aspects of spirituality serve as your vantage point when you grow your business.
  • Our world is expanding wherein businesses serve as reflections of man’s own evolution into becoming heart-centered individuals.
  • The businesses we create become our extensions and representations.
  • The problem with the spiritual community is they value spirituality more than the physicality.The physicality is just as sacred as the energetics and when you get that you’ll start honoring the physicality of actual marketing and positioning.

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Time-Stamped Show Notes

[00:00] The biggest thing that hurts an entrepreneur

[00:14] Physical Marketing

[00:40] Esoteric Marketing

[01:25] The problem with the spiritual community with regards to business

[02:01] Finding the balance between the worlds of the Physical and the Spiritual

[02:34] Why it’s important to pay attention to both