EPISODE 25: How Self Awareness and Transformation Apply to High Performing Entrepreneurs

Today’s episode is recorded from my home in Byron Bay with an intimate and incredible group of people throwing questions in the room about business, transformation, self-awareness, and how it all applies to high performing entrepreneurs. Listen in to hear a different perspective – from how to approach key influencers to building a tribe of raving fans, and more.

Key Takeaways:

  • A song is not a song unless there’s a space between the notes. And I feel that life is the same way. Otherwise, if we’re just busy, then our life is just noise and we’re not actually enjoying listening to our own song.
  • The new type of manifesting is not about making anything happen. It’s about receiving the ones due for you.
  • Everything you want is already done your job is to receive it and see it.
  • When approaching Key Influencers, keep in mind that they get approached all the time. Instead of asking for what they can do for you, try the other way around. Ask them what they need next in their business and try to support that if you can. This mindset and action might consequently be better in terms of getting a response or a business opportunity.
  • Collaboration is a necessary component for us to actually go back to ourselves as true Human Beings. We are done with the age of working separately from each other. We need to stop looking at what separates us and look at what unifies us and what unifies us is that we all live on this Earth as humans. We all want love and the collaboration allows that.
  • The thing is most of humanity has business and spirituality as separate categories when they are exactly the same. Your business is just as spiritual as your meditation practice. Your business is just a spiritual as your walks on the beach. So, when you realize that there’s no separation between the two of them your business becomes an opportunity for you to grow.

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Time-Stamped Show Notes

[00:00] Intro

[00:59] Importance of space between the notes

[01:49] Manifest more by being in a space

[02:02] The Western World approach vs the feminine approach to Manifesting

[02:30] The new type of Manifesting

[02:58] My achievement mindset was a program

[03:45] Everything you want is already done

[04:43] How to approach Key Influencers

[05:12] Palm Up vs Palm Down Networking

[07:00] Business Collaboration is the way of the future

[08:20] How to generate income quickly?

[08:57] Seize daily opportunity to find people to work with and sell

[09:55] How to build a tribe of raving fans?

[13:07] Balancing business strategies and self-growth