EPISODE 24: 8 Questions to Help Bring More Meaning to Your Life

This is a different type of podcast. Rather than providing you with information, which can actually be a distraction from seeking the information within yourself, I’ll be asking you series of questions to rekindle that spark within you.

I just got back from an incredible 2 ½ weeks in the Andes Mountains and I got the privilege of spending time with some medicine men and women with over 40 years of experience in the sacred ancient art of healing. There is so much wisdom  to receive from them as well as to discover even more from within myself. Hopefully, in this episode, I can provide support in reconnecting you with the wisdom that you already have within.

Key Takeaways

  • When you are honest with you not trusting yourself at times is when you are most being honest with yourself.
  • Achievement stemming from insecurity rarely feels truly rewarding.
  • Say I love you more often.
  • Our connection to the world and everyone around us can say more about us than all of our accomplishments.
  • What we think our real purpose is for existing is most likely what we don’t expect.
  • Laughing is a beautiful medicine.
  • There’s a very long road from the head to heart. Once we sit in the heart and we make our choices from the heart we actually stop making life happen and life happens to us.

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Time-Stamped Show Notes

[00:00] A different kind of podcast.

[00:19] My recent travel in the Andes Mountains with incredible medicine men and women.

[01:01] Questions to ask yourself to rekindle that spark within yourself and that wisdom you already have within you.

[01:24] Do you trust yourself?

[02:03] What’s between you and fully trusting yourself?

[02:45] When was the last time you said I love you to your mom and dad?

[03:12] Are you sure what the school’s told you about the history of the human family, if it is real?

[03:30] Another question is if nobody gave a crap about your accomplishments, who are you?

[04:01] Why did you really come here and incarnate here on this Earth?

[04:24] When did you stop laughing with life?

[04:46] What are the gifts that lie dormant within yourself that are waiting to come out?

[05:24] The long road from the head to heart.

[05:51] How this pertain to business and life.