EPISODE 23: How to Create Transformation Within Yourself

This is a section from one of the esoteric talks that I’ve conducted. The main intention of this activity is to allow people to create transformation within themselves. Try to listen to this recording with openness in your minds and hearts. I hope that this will help to support you in manifesting freely; to find clarity and to heal yourselves of trauma, and to enable you in removing the blockages that keep you from living the full experience of what it is to be human.

Key takeaways:

  • Let’s stop being tourists in our own bodies. Get in tuned with our own bodies to find out what’s causing the trauma, challenges, or blockages that prevents us from being as close as we can to our true nature as human beings and truly get in the flow of actual life.
  • Your pain may not be even yours, to begin with.
  • The more we talk, the less we say. Know your relationship to silence and its impact in giving out and receiving messages to others and to yourself.
  • Let go of expectations.
  • Life is one big smeared out NOW. The Western world keeps pushing us to look towards the future when everything we need is with us right here, right now.
  • If you can, live in a place that you love and is conducive to your true nature.
  • Oftentimes when it doesn’t feel right, it’s usually a distraction.

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Time-Stamped Show Notes

[00:00] The real deal when people get “sick”

[00:42] Tourists in our own bodies

[01:13] Where do you hold blockages within your body?

[01:40] Your pain may not be even yours, to begin with

[02:45] “Money Challenges”

[04:01] My role as a disruptor.

[04:49] The more I talk, the less I say.

[05:24] Let go of expectations

[05:34] Life is one big smeared out NOW

[06:02] Connect to the place you live

[06:29] Instinct vs Emotion

[07:25] The metaphor of the greyhounds and metal rabbit.

[07:54] What is your rabbit?

[10:08] My role as a world bridger

[10:42] Building pockets of life