EPISODE 15: How to Move Past Achievement

This audio clip is about GETTING RICH (what does rich mean anyway?)

How to get rich, how does it feel like to be rich, how do you know you are rich, how’s it like being rich but not knowing it?

And then this clip is also about BEING POOR. (what does poor mean anyway?)

Poor mindset, poor attitude, how do you know you are poor, why are you poor?

Finally, this clip is also about TIME…

The lies of time, losing track of time, having a timeless life, why it is the time to align to our true nature?

Where does time fit in the concept of RICH and POOR?

Know that NOW is your ONLY time…and the time to move from the poor mentality into the rich mind frame has always been up to you.

I hope this recording gives you the push you are looking for.

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