EPISODE 1: The CEO’s Guide to Fear and Self-defense

Tony Blauer, CEO and Founder of Blauer Tactical Systems, has developed the world’s first behavioral-based self-defense program, a system built entirely around psychology, physics, and physiology. By redefining self-defense and utilizing a worldwide network of thousands of trainers and coaches, the Blauer Tactical Systems team is dedicated to helping people live safer lives. Blauer teaches situational awareness in real-world violence and promises, “You don’t leave a Blauer Tactical seminar paranoid; you leave prepared.”

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Time-Stamped Show Notes

[00:00] Introduction of Tony Blauer, CEO of Blauer Tactical Systems, and an extensive list of his credentials.

[02:14] Blauer shares stories of his work and experience, situational awareness, and describes his one-day course on personal defense systems.

[13:10] The human reaction to confrontation and attack, and our hidden response capabilities.

[20:55] Blauer explains Situational Awareness, acting on inner knowledge, and teaching through story.

[32:00] A conversation with a talkative flight attendant reveals the difference between a desire to learn self-defense and the fear of having to defend oneself. Blauer introduces The 3-D Approach: Detect and Avoid, Defuse and De-escalate, then Defend yourself.

[36:00] Survival reflexes work in conjunction with our intelligence. Trust them. Listen to them. You can outsource everything in life except for your personal safety.

[44:00] Self-defense is more a part of our lives than we think and includes every aspect of how we take care of our bodies.

[45:02] The psychological benefits of conquering fear. Blauer’s corporate seminars include “Know Fear,” the act of choosing to face and confront fear, and understanding that there will be a transformation because of it.

[54:05] Training is offered to groups, companies, in person, one-on-ones through Skype, through digital downloads, a workshop in a Masterclass gathering, and by several trainers who run courses for Blauer. He also conducts private and corporate talks. Email: tony@blauertactical.com.