The Wisdom of the Ancients Comes West


Jeffrey Wium is founder of the Wisdomkeepers Project and producer of the movie Wisdomkeepers, Paqo Andino. After twenty years in media production, Wium left a successful career to better understand himself and the ancient way of life. In 2006, he founded The Wisdomkeepers Project. His retreats are a blend of Western holistic paradigms and Andean Holy Mountain Tradition, energetic medicine, quantum healing, psychosomatic bodywork, usui-Tibetan-sai baba reiki, qigong, yoga, meditation, sound and light therapy, indigenous living, philosophy and vision quest protocols, parenting, Avalokiteshvara initiation, and interdenominational ministry.


Wium chose to make a career change because he wanted to do something deeper than what his business was offering. As he puts it, “I wanted to get on with the real business of being human.” In addition to his various retreat offerings, Wium provides mentoring and coaching sessions, consultations, analysis on quantum health and wellness, programs, and talks.

In media production, although he was living in big cities and producing films, Wium still felt a hunger in his heart. When he had a chance to take breaks from his work, he sought out remote places like caves, mountain tops, jungles, and deserts. His urge to study the mystic led Wium into the Himalayas and into the Andes. Then, while filming a television series in Hawaii, he injured himself. “If we don’t do it consciously, sometimes allies of consciousness come and do the work for us, so I injured myself and it sat me down and gave me a chance to think about what I was doing, and how I wanted to structure and live my life,” says Wium. In an effort to search for the sense of completion inside, he visited the Andes. He found that despite a language barrier, the people there felt like family, and it kept drawing him back. When asked if he wanted to learn the ways of the maestros, he said yes.

After training, Wium received a vision to make a film. “While I was on a pilgrimage in the mountains with a colleague of mine, I told him about the vision and he gave me a look of surprise, and said he had the same vision a couple of months ago and was just waiting for somebody to show up who could technically do this,” says Wium. “I got home to the states and called up a friend of mine and told him what was going on, and he said, ‘It sounds fantastic. I’m going to fund it for you.’ Three days later there was a check by FedEx to cover the production costs.”

New World Business Models

“We’re in this very interesting transition time where we still need to hold patents, and we still need to protect ourselves,” says Wium, “but at the same time, open source, and this kind of structure is making its debut, and it is the way of the future, and it’s the way of the past. And so again, if you go back far enough, you come back to the future.”

“Humanity is going to take a very large step, and it’s going to take courage and grace of those who have the capacity, the money, the finance, and the space to do something about it.” Take, for example, a Seattle CEO named Dan Price, who brought his $2 million salary down to $70,000 and all his company salaries up to $70,000. “Things like that start to create an equanimity between people and a sustainability, and practices that are rooted in ancient ways. That is our future,” says Wium. “But if you go to business school, you are taught that that is not sustainable, and it’s just downright stupid. It’s all about control. It’s all about holding the reins, when really what I’ve had to learn is, how do I let go of them, because reins are the things that restrict capacity.”

Parting Wisdom

“I would say that, to dream is one thing, and to pray is another. But when you put them together,” explains Wium, “that creates the quantum reality that the new physics is starting to understand, and is the bedrock and the basis of all ancient traditions.”

Working 80 hours a week is not the answer. Instead of trying to force things to happen, allow what is trying to manifest through us to manifest. He believes there is something powerful about sitting in that state of receptivity “and allowing those who are trying to reach you, to reach you, to take the phone call that you might not want to take,” he says. “To sit out and say I’m ready for this situation and this work and this orchestration, and this creation to come together.” In the Andes, they say that nothing works without trust and faith.

“We tend to seek outside of ourselves, when really, we’re like a seed bank. We just need to water those seeds, and then they come from within,” says Wium. “I spent a long time looking outside, only to realize that when I have a finger pointing out, the other three are pointing back to me. It’s kind of the cosmic joke - Where are you going to hide all the information for everything? Oh, hide it inside a human. They’ll never look there.”


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