How To Have A Relationship As A High Performing Entrepreneur?



Twin Flames Lee and Sherry Patterson built their coaching business from the ground up, and are now internationally known relationship and spiritual coaches. They speak all over the world, host seminars and workshops, and are booked solid by big-name celebrities from around the world. Their coaching is for people who desire positive changes in their relationships, lives, finances, careers, marriages, or spiritual lives, and are willing to take on the responsibility for implementing the necessary changes.

All Parts Affect the Whole

All parts affect the whole, which means our relationships with ourselves and our significant others, and even our platonic relationships, all affect our business and our life. That’s where Lee and Sherry Patterson, experts in the relationship field, come in. They provide a comfortable space where couples can be completely honest with themselves, dive deeper, and find more connection, mutual respect, and sensitivity to each other’s feelings and opinions.


Starting Relationship Reinvented

The Pattersons had to go through trials, tribulations, and messes just to be together. While laying in bed one night, they had a thought that it would be wonderful if they could help other people to not have to go through everything that they did. “That would be awesome, to have a career helping people not have to do this. To be able to have a better relationship with themselves, better relationships with others. Which is where Relationship Reinvented was founded — literally pillow talk,” Sherry recalls.

They talked about it without acting on it until the universe took their jobs. Lee’s position in his business was eliminated, and although he was offered another position in the company, he declined. The company Sherry was working for went out of business. They decided to start Relationship Reinvented.

They began by writing a blog under the pen names Lois and Clark and answering questions on websites. Before long, they began to receive emails asking how much it would cost to talk to them. They found that “a lot of times you have this internal dialogue that you really don’t share with the world, but it’s really what drives you,” says Lee.


Your Empty Cup

The Pattersons see a recurring theme among their clients of something that happened at an early age that created a motivating factor to be successful. Sometimes it’s something the clients are telling themselves they lack. “So we get invested in what we think we lack. We tend to motivate ourselves to be highly successful, but that doesn’t ever fix that empty space,” says Lee. Sherry adds, “It seems like the measure of success is monetary … we can have all the money and all the things, but when you still have that (emptiness) inside, what is that fulfilling?”

Some people try to fill that emptiness with shoes, clothes, or good-looking partners who lack substance. But looking good does not fill the empty cup.

The Pattersons have to coach people into understanding that the emptiness is a good thing. The empty cup is a cup of opportunity.


Root Camp

Sherry came up with the idea of Root Camp to help clients find their root core belief system. Usually it has something to do with how they were raised, something that has been instilled in them. Perhaps it is something they haven’t even shared with anyone, not even themselves.

“People judge the truth,” says Lee. “So when you have that self-judgement against your own truth, you don’t really want to share that with anybody.” In order to go deeper into yourself and find that truth and face it, ask yourself, “Do I have the kind of relationship with myself that I want to have with other people?” If the answer is no, then the client is not getting what they want, and they often end up substituting what they want with what they need.


Wants Versus Needs

How does one determine what is a want and what is a need? “When we decided to create Relationship Reinvented, we wanted to change someone’s life,” says Lee. “Anything that was going to support that was a need.”

Many entrepreneurs think that their need is money. If they are focused on financial abundance, they will get financial abundance, but they may still feel unfulfilled at the end of the day. “If you focus on yourself and what is it that you want, the need follows that,” says Sherry.


Nurturing Yourself and Your Family Union

“Our business is built on our family and our union,” says Sherry. She contends that you must nurture yourself first, then your family, before you focus on work. “(Look) in the mirror and (fall) in love with what you see in the mirror. If you don’t love what you see in the mirror, that’s what you need to work on,” she says. She has noticed that when they fail to nurture their union, they see a decline in revenue and the impact of their work.

“We have actually experienced so much burn-out that we didn’t have time to nurture ourselves, let alone one another,” she says. They were working from 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM, Monday through Friday, and realized that their family wasn’t being nurtured. To combat it, “We reformulated our business plan,” says Sherry. They began by taking the weekends off, even from checking their email. Next, they stopped working at 5:00 pm on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, as well as taking the weekends off, leaving their only late-night work for Tuesdays and Thursdays. It’s working well, and they will continue to adjust until they are eventually taking Wednesdays and Fridays off, as well as the weekends.

They also began certifying other coaches to do what they do so they can refer clients to others, leaving more time for themselves and their family. After seeing the effects of neglecting their family union, the Pattersons are determined not to let that happen again. “We will not modify our schedule to bring out a new client. There’s a waiting list, or there’s other coaches. It really is about setting boundaries,” Sherry says.


Go Take a Hike

… Or a vacation, or go fishing or camping. “Whatever it is you do for relax time … find time to do more of (it.)” says Sherry.

Many entrepreneurs are afraid that if they take time away from work, it will cause missed revenue, but “if somebody wants you, and they want your services, and they want what you do, they will be there when you come back,” Sherry says. Furthermore, after taking time to relax, you’ll be the person that your client needs instead of a burned-out version of yourself.

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