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Key Takeaways

The market is open for interested entrepreneurs who have ideas for great hemp products. At present, over 50,000 product uses have been identified.

New studies worldwide are showing promising results for possible medical uses.

Game-changers can use it to build healthier bodies, and to relax.

You can participate in a marijuana ceremonial experience with a shaman.


Alex Impey is the largest grower and supplier of hemp food products to the United Kingdom, and is the owner and manager of Australia’s biggest and most diverse online hemp shop, Hempstore. Hempstore was co-founded in 2014 as the first and only brand dedicated to portable vaporizers for cannabis users, previously called Purehaze. But they have grown rapidly, and Hempstore is currently established as the largest hemp product distribution company, offering over 400 unique hemp products to buyers all over the world. There is still a lot of room for other players in this space. Since hemp is used in the production of over 50,000 diverse products, the field is wide open for other high-functioning entrepreneurs who may want to consider how they can make the world a better place through innovative hemp products.

The Difference Between Hemp and Cannabis

The words hemp and cannabis are used interchangeably in many discussions. What is the short version of the difference between cannabis and hemp? They both come from the same plant, Cannabis Sativa L. The real difference is in how they are used. Hemp is normally used when referring to commercial uses of cannabis, such as the seeds and stocks used in personal care products, building materials, papers, and food products. The term cannabis is used when referring to it otherwise, as in medicinal or recreational use.

So Many Ways to Help the World

“Hemp and cannabis oil have been used in the treatment of illness and disease all over the world, for at least the last few hundred years,” says Impey. “A lot of people are searching outside the health industry to find relief of their medical problems. There is plenty of evidence around the world that people are using cannabis oil to heal themselves, and not just take away nausea or pain.” Impey refers to a program in Israel, in which 80,000 people are now receiving raw cannabis from the government. Various trials are taking place, using it topically, ingesting it, and injecting it into tumors, with some fantastic results. “Now there are major studies using it to treat cancer, tumors, MS, Parkinson’s, and epilepsy. From a neurological point of view, it appears to ease anything causing a misfiring or spasticity in bodies and brains. It seems almost like a lock and key situation, and seals the gap, fills the broken link.”

There are also many opportunities now in the U.S., as 27 states have legalized the use of medicinal cannabis and have allowed access to what buyers need. Most people are familiar with its use for epileptic seizures in children, and how so many have benefitted.

What This Means for Entrepreneurs and Game-Changers

Many have chosen cannabis over beer or wine in recent years, and this has really come about due to education. There can be great benefit from relaxation, and from other health products made from it. “I chase the health aspects of the product more than anything,” says Impey, “I look to make myself healthier with it. Hemp fibers, just from the stalk of the plant, can make over 50,000 products. They support a positive, healthy life, and are non-toxic.”

When asked what would be the ideal use of it for entrepreneurs for optimal performance, Impey responds, “Ideal would be treating it like a vegetable. Harvest it fresh and blend it in with your food. There are lots of cannabinoids, but lots of other nutrients as well. Blend the whole head, leaf, and seeds, and buds where resin is formed. Get all the benefits of chlorophyll within the leaf, just like kale and celery. The cannabinoids are not yet active so there is no high. If you smoke it, bake it, or apply heat, all of those things activate it, but used fresh, it will not be giving any of those effects.”

Health-wise, it boasts some of the highest amounts of terpenes of any plant. Terpenes are the scents we smell from plants, and are secreted from the sticky resin glands, the same ones that produce THC. They provide more of a medicinal benefit by having it fresh.

Entrepreneurs, by the nature of startups and rapid growth, tend to be troubled by general anxiety, and activated cannabis could support them in their thinking processes. But smoking it can make some people even more anxious. “I find vaporizing is more effective. It just calms you, you’re not really high, but affected, and anxiety issues are put aside for the moment.” Though some people shy away from the high, the high actually gives the healing. He was privileged to be part of a pure cannabis oil ceremony, where the oil was consumed like a tea, and participants found it extremely powerful for healing and self-reflection. As an entrepreneur, he particularly liked seeing all the mind chatter in his own head, and the powerful realization that he had the ability to choose a calmer state.

Thank You, Vietnam Vets

Troops returning from Vietnam brought back a lot of cannabis genetics from different parts of Asia. They crossed them with Brazilian varieties in the 70s, and basically formed skunks, a very high potency cannabis. It is the base of all cannabis available today, and has a potency of 20 -25%, up from earlier versions of only 10 or 15%. Impey points out that the basic difference is that it just has a higher oil concentration. “When prohibition came about, they had to move their plants indoors, and now they can produce high quality cannabis, so growing became more profitable. For consumers, education and access to the plant have been limited, so it’s difficult to choose what they need. Most people don’t know any better. If there was not so much hiding information, people could choose something better.” Impey reassures, saying that you can’t hurt yourself with it, but with the proper information, you could choose the amount and type that would get you the best results. If you lived somewhere where it was legal, you could walk into a shop, tell the bud-tender (as opposed to bar-tender) what you are looking for, and he may recommend something for you to try, and would start you off with a small amount so you could evaluate how you feel. There are a huge range of products available. Some are sedative, making you feel mellow and sleepy. Others are the uplifting, creative variety. It is a very personalized thing, so you try them out, and find out which type works best for you.

Shamanistic and Ceremonial Use of Hemp/Cannabis

Just as people flock to the Amazon for the ceremonial use of ayahuasca, at a cannabis shamanism retreat, others are doing the same. There may be a huge realm of untapped potential here, and Impey is fascinated by the possibilities for healing on an emotional and spiritual level for participants. He feels this is the missing link. First cannabis was a natural substance that didn’t have a lot of hype. Now it is commercialized and mainstream. The spiritual connection is missing, and how better to bring it back than to gather people together in a safe, structured space, where they can open up to themselves and find out what the plant has to teach them. Ceremonies can provide the perfect setting for a spiritual space.

Recommended Books and Media

The top book Impey recommends is The Emperor Wears No Clothes by Jack Herer. In it, he counters misinformation with his view of the truth about cannabis. He deals with every aspect of the use of cannabis, medicinally, spiritually, industrially, and recreationally. For movies, Impey highly recommends one he sells in his shop, The Hemp Solution by Australians Shanti and Sol Ramana. He also recommends writings by Dr. John Jiggins, a recognized hemp historian from Brisbane, Australia.

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