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The Voice of Inspiration and Hope

She’s definitely one-of-a-kind, but Peta Kelly insists that she is just one of many young people who are part of the millennial tribe. Together she believes they will change the face of corporate America, as well as how they do business. At the age of twenty-two, Kelly dropped studies for her PhD in science to pursue “that thing” that called her higher. She went into network marketing and was earning seven figures by the time she was twenty-six. This, she says, led to her more “global soul work.” Now she is building an enterprise, Jeaniius, which she describes as “a global hub of nakedly brilliant people mobilized to create epic shit for our planet through conscious enterprises and magical collaborations.” Kelly, passionate about her message, has been known to speak barefoot on stages around the world with audiences of thousands. In the esteemed company of the Dalai Lama, Tony Robbins, and Jack Canfield, Kelly was featured recently in the movie, Rise Up. She shares her unique perspective with the world, inspiring her millennial peers, as well as many from other generations.

What’s So Different About Millennials?

Kelly sees millennials as a new breed of caretakers of the earth. She sees them as wildly creative and incredibly innovative. Kelly is quick to point out that they are not the spoiled, entitled generation that many make them out to be. She points out that they are hardworking, responsible, and they care. “Creativity and problem-solving runs through the blood of millennials, and they have a divine intolerance for what doesn’t work anymore.”

What Do They Want from Us?

Companies need to know what millennials want, and how they should treat them. Corporations are listening, and they turn to people like Kelly to find the answers to their questions. They know that if they want to be around in ten or twenty years, they need to be in tune with this generation, how they like to work, what they want to purchase, and what they care about. Millennials are fast becoming the working and spending power, so it is no wonder that corporations have questions about them.

But Kelly points out that millennials are very in tune with what they want and what they don’t want. “We don’t thrive working in an office from nine to five. That’s why you see such a rise in entrepreneurs. We’re genetically wired differently, because it’s just evolution. It’s not just that we like the planet. We really have this fear that if we don’t change the system, we are not going to have anything left. We are not going to promote, support, or buy from companies who are not doing their bit to take care of the environment and the planet.”

Pointing out that while shareholders in a large corporation want a return on their investment, Kelly says that millennials want to work for a company that demonstrates its respect for the environment. Often it’s about educating the shareholders, so they will come to realize that taking care of the planet is good for business. When it comes to shareholders, Kelly insists that the biggest shareholders in today’s companies are our children and our planet. They don’t really have a voice yet, but taking into account their needs is critical to the success of every company.

But it’s not just an environmentally conscious company this younger generation is looking for. They want to work in an environment that respects and encourages their creativity. For some, designing their own hours is important, and being able to wear casual clothes if that’s what works for them. Some love the idea of innovation days, policies that take into account caring for pregnant women and families. Others need to get away from the office to be able to work quietly in a coffee shop, or from their home. They want their employers to allow them to incorporate play into their work life. It encourages creativity and relieves stress. The old model just isn’t working for them. They want to be given more freedom, trust, and responsibility in their tribe. They want to be respected as people, and they want their own needs to be taken into account, not just that of their employer.


Just Trust Us

At heart, millennials are definitely worthy of our trust. Kelly says, “They do have DNA that’s wired differently, that’s so incredibly caring about the planet and all people.” She cites their respect for their elders, and their gratitude for everything that has been passed down. She doesn’t appreciate people expecting millennials to tolerate things that don’t work for them anymore. “I think it’s the greatest gift to planet earth that millennials have divine intolerance, and have the balls to put their foot down and say, ‘with all due respect, this is not good enough for us and for our children.’ We’re not trying to be a rogue generation, we just really care, and we’re made of different things. Just trust us.”


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