How Do You Pave the Way as The Leader of Your Business and Your People?

Mashup1-thumb2This episode is recorded from one of my talks on leadership. Leaders are meant to pave the way for the rest. As a CEO, that is your ultimate task. Both the brunt and rewards of your company's performance are on your shoulders. How do you then clear the path and set the stage for your business and for your people?

Hereโ€™s a quick view on some of whatโ€™s discussed in this episode: The better way of taking responsibility, increase your profitability by increasing your confidence, find out my simple rule on how you can move your business forward through making a request/promise, why you should increase your empathy for yourself, why you should think weirder, not bigger. And why you should stop wasting time working on your weaknesses. (This is crazy, I know, but it works.) I hope this episode helps you out in affirming the leader within you.

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