The CEO’s Guide to Fear and Self-Defense with Guest Tony Blauer


Blauer Tactical Systems and the Art of Self-Defense

Founder & CEO of Blauer Tactical Systems, one of the world’s leading consulting firms, Tony Blauer specializes in research and development of combative training and equipment for the military, law enforcement, and self-defense. He’s a renowned expert in martial arts, performance psychology, fear management, and personal defense readiness, with over forty years of experience in his field. In 1998 he designed the world’s first scenario-training suit called High Gear, now used in Tier One military teams, Swat Units, Police Training Academies, martial arts schools, and by self-defense experts and the world’s best Mixed Martial Arts fighters. Blauer developed the world’s first behavioral-based self-defense program, a system built entirely around psychology, physics, and physiology. His worldwide network of thousands of trainers and coaches is dedicated to helping people live safer lives.

The 3-D Approach

The basis of all of Blauer’s trainings is an easy-to-remember 3-pronged approach to self-defense:

D1 – Detect and Avoid

D2 – Defuse and De-escalate

D3 – Defend yourself
He talks about why all three steps are vital to self-defense. “To spend one day to learn all this stuff is pretty much a no-brainer, it’s almost like we’re archeologists rediscovering something. There was a time in our history when everyone knew how to kill, to hunt, to protect themselves. Then we lived behind walls with a military to protect us, and now you have a city going, and all the survival skills that we had to use and learn to get through each day were weaned out of us over time. The average attack is over in seconds. If you don’t learn D1 and D2 then you’re not prepared when it comes to D3. You have to learn the first two first.”

Self-Defense Is a Responsibility

“As a business owner,” explains Blauer, “you need to protect your assets. I spell it ASS-ets, because if something happens to you, your company is done. It’s the single most important skill you can possess.” Much of what we do in life is self-defense, though we don’t label it as such. Blauer explains, “Why do you get shots before you go to an exotic location? Why do you brush your teeth? Why eat organic? Why wear winter clothes? It’s all self-defense, so we take all these precautions, but not the one thing, the most important thing, we could learn in a day.”

Know Fear

“The idea of being able to look in the mirror and say, I will be able to protect myself and my family, is a powerful feeling,” says Blauer. “Fear is a catalyst or a suppressor. It is a fuel or it can suppress. Everything we do or don’t do is throttled through a fear filter. Fear is the gateway to the rest of your life. One of the corporate seminars I offer now is about the spiritual, not the physical. I spell it KNOW FEAR, (as opposed to No Fear), the act of choosing to face and confront fear, understanding that there will be a transformation if you confront and control it.” Blauer calls it “the neurocircuitry of fear.” He has learned this skill first-hand, and now teaches others to do likewise.

Courses for Everyone

Blauer began teaching self-defense in 1979, and since founding Blauer Tactical Systems in 1985, has enhanced and expanded the services his company provides. There are courses for every level of the public, from military, law enforcement, self-defense experts, right down to courses for the general public, such as the ever popular, Be Your Own Bodyguard. Blauer makes sure to accommodate busy people with overwhelming obligations. He runs a program called “Safer in a Day” that teaches the basics in a 4-hour clinic or an 8-hour workshop.

How to Connect

Blauer Tactical Systems offer courses and training for everyone, from law enforcement professionals and martial arts trainers to company CEOs and private individuals. Visit to learn more. Email:



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