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Rak Razam is a positive disruptive influence in the world of consciousness, an author, director, producer, filmmaker, and trail-blazer. He first visited the Amazon in 2006 as a freelance journalist, for an ayahuasca shamanism retreat. “You fall down the rabbit hole,” says Razam, “and you just keep on going.” Through his books, films, retreats, and teachings, he strives to introduce the mainstream world to the potentials of plant medicines as healing modalities. But he takes it a step further. Razam shares how some high-performing entrepreneurs are using this potent plant medicine to change themselves, their companies, and build a bridge between the worlds of spirituality and business.

Urban Dictionary Definition of ayahuasca: An extremely potent hallucinogenic substance - legal in Peru - that's derived from jungle vines by curanderos (shaman). It combines two psychoactive substances (DMT and an MAO inhibitor), the latter compounding the effects of the former.


Since 2006, Razam has been involved in ayahuasca culture, and he’s noticed a sharp increase in reporting on the subject. He claims that it seems that every major magazine, periodical, and television show in the world has done a piece or segment on it. A few notables are CNN, OWL, Marie Claire, and Time. Razam believes that there is more media coverage because this initiation ceremony can be profound. There are plenty of people who have experienced ayahuasca and attest to its life-altering effects. “These are earth medicine technologies, which indigenous people have been caretakers for, and they’re there to reconnect us, to help us heal, and also to help us open up. Many cultures believe you are not a fully alive human being until you’ve had a spiritual initiation that connects you to the planet and then you understand your place in the web of life, and your place in relationship to what some cultures refer to as pachamama.” Pachamama is roughly translated to mother goddess.

High Performing Achievers

Many of this podcast’s listeners are high performers who have achieved what is considered success, but there is no experience of initiation in the west, where everything can be mapped out, the career path, the goals, the strategies, the achievements. But when they get there, there is still something missing. “We’re not just robotic beings that go through hitting goals and achievement scores,” explains Razam, “it’s like we’re alive, feeling, organisms that have this capacity to touch and be touched, to experience love and the gambit of human emotions, and in many of the spiritual traditions, they feel that this capacity to feel and connect and to make a difference is part of the goal of the soul’s experience, not just the career experience. It’s not that one or the other is right, but that in the full capacity of the full spectrum of the human experience, we need to integrate the mind, body, and soul.”

I regularly lead groups of highly successful entrepreneurs to the Amazon, and I notice a mind/body/soul integration of our intrapreneur groups. It’s like they get switched on. I notice a greater ability to think more clearly, to discern and use their intuition, and actually increase their empathy, and when their empathy increases, their engagement also increases, and their vision for their companies. And when their engagement and vision increases, what happens is that it has a trickle-down effect within their organizations. It is not uncommon for them to identify a greater cause other than just doing business for profit. They create a give-back program of some sort, which inspires everyone involved, often causing dramatic increases in their team’s output.

A Caveat and a Message for Entrepreneurs

“We owe listeners a caveat, a warning label,” says Razam, “that these are deep initiatory processes and are not for everyone. They are for people who are feeling the call, they’re not just like western medicine. What you’re engaging with is a relationship with the spirit in the plant, and then your spirit opening up to the web of life and Gaia, Mother Earth, her energy, and any entities that may exist. That’s a huge paradigm shift for many people. You are invoking and opening up your ability to be your own medicine. These things don’t necessarily heal or cure you, but they refresh your browser and give the capacity of awareness or awakening. You realize you are bigger than you ever thought, and that you are plugged into an interdependent network of other live organisms on this planet. All of us are together in this synergistic dance called life, which has a greater purpose. And once you feel that, or that flame, the spark is awakened within you, you do have an ongoing relationship that you choose to continue or not. It becomes bigger than your life, and you want to give back, plug into that feeling.”

“It is necessary at this stage in evolution, that the corporations, companies, businesses, communities, all of us, start to work for the greatest good. It doesn’t mean we shouldn’t make money. We should be abundantly supported in our endeavors, but we need to have a larger vision, and that can really only be had by people who choose this sort of initiation.”

The Entrepreneur as a Leader in Sustainability

“We can feel the 20th century legacy of what we’ve inherited is unsustainable. It’s reached the tipping point in so many areas. Entrepreneurs have an invaluable role to play within this unfolding of nature into the new world age, the flowering of our society.  How are we going to fix this, to flourish and thrive, in an equitable, reciprocal, loving, sustainable world, as human beings? Who doesn’t want to be involved in a company or business that can help bring that to the world? That’s the role. These are the change makers, influencers, leaders that we need who can also put egos aside realizing that the world is changing them, leading them. The world is changing us to change the world, in co-creation with the earth.”

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