Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,


This is an extraordinary invitation for CEO's, Entrepreneurs and others already making an impact to...




Twelve months, to turn you and your business inside-out for maximum acceleration towards your organisationalvision, mission and values.


An experiential mastermind to find your entrepreneurial edge, through adventure challenges with peers that will take you through the layers of reality as you know them.


This invitation isn't for the conformist, it's only for those looking to push past their own edge, daily.


Hello my name is Jeffrey Slayter.


My “job” is to put the most influential game changing people in a room together, and to support them in creating huge shifts in their business and life (for YOU and for generations to come).


My role as the chairman of the Entrepreneurial Elders group is to find more world-changing business leaders and bring them together to help them exceed their strategic goals in the most adventurous way possible.


I am grateful that I’ve led a gifted life being a part of this inner circle of success, from watching companies being formed on my own kitchen bench that disrupt entire industries, to breaking (gluten free) bread and sharing ideas with some of the most successful industry icons & unconventional growth hackers who actually care about the future of humanity.


I supported the growth of companies, mergers, raising capital, facilitated everlasting change with Fortune 500 coaching clients, and have spoken to millions in over 12 different countries (sharing stages alongside the likes of Sir Richard Branson, Tony Robbins, Tim Ferriss, Dr John Demartini and more globally recognised thought leaders).


I thought I had everything I wanted. And by society's standards I did and still do.


Until a point in time where the universe sent out an an invitation to me (not too dissimilar to this one). The invitation came from a place beyond my understanding. It was written in echos of longing; the longing to create a greater impact beyond entrepreneurship.


You know that longing, right?


So I mustered up the courage to go on an adventure into what felt like a completely different dimension. I gathered other peers who wanted to come with me and took the dive into directly experiencing “who we are” and “why we are” and mixed it with the emerging fringes of what's gaining the most traction in the business world right now.


These elders weren’t successful according to western culture.  They were the elders of some of world’s ancient knowledge and at the top of the game; a game that most people cannot even see.  This invisible game when combined with Entrepreneurship creates the alchemy of leaving legacies and a deeper sense of personal mission for its leaders.


This not only had me swinging on the pendulum between business and the world of ancient knowledge. I dove in and submersed myself, with the same skills that created great success for me many times before.


I sought out the access and sat with the Elders, Medicine People, and others who were the keepers of this ancient wisdom. Until now...


After journeying for some time I had a life changing conversation.


To some extent I was feeling apathetic to having all of this new-found knowledge. As I was sharing this with a peer he turned to me and said, “well what would you find exciting to do with this knowledge?”


This question brought that same pendulum back to centre and my answer was this bold invitation to YOU.


To find fellow leading Entrepreneurs like you and take them into the depths of themselves and existence itself, while still honouring cutting edge business strategies; so together we could bring this ancient wisdom into the world of business for our generation and future ones.


Going on this journey to meet these Elders will remind you of the Elder in you too. As Elders we have a responsibility to bring about solutions to our generation's greatest challenges.


To dissolve boundaries between prosperity and purpose.


And to bridge the world with the future, through you and your incredible group of peers.


So here is how I intend for you to gain these insights and how you will ingest this knowledge over twelve life-changing months:


  • Sit with a committed group of entrepreneurial peers that aren’t afraid to ask you the hard hitting questions and tell you like it is, so you can get the business and life that you want.


  • Discover top leadership skills from billionaire business builders and simultaneously soak in the wisdom through sharing with medicine elders.


  • Learn how to negotiate and influence all parts of yourself by awakening a greater level of self-awareness so you can refine your ability to act in the moments of impact you will be facing, daily.


  • Develop sales and marketing systems for your business that go beyond automating customer experiences, and break through to actual paradigm shifts through just delivering your gifts, products and services to the world.


  • Be confronted by nature in an almost “Bear Grylls” style, also known as, adventurous camping. Where you will face four days of starvation from everything you know to discover parts of your inner leader that you didn't know existed.


  • Exclusive invitations to traditional ceremonies with global medicine leaders.


  • Conversations around the mastermind table with high profile business builders, venture capitalists and unconventional growth hackers, so you can implement the plans you’ve found inside the depths of yourself through these experiences.
  • Invitations to the most sacred sites in the world that will re-shape the way you build your global business of impact. So you can unite profiting with your peers and do more social projects that create real lasting change in the world.


This is where you say Yes to the future of all, by saying yes to your future.

This BOLD invitation is for you if you're courageous enough to re-define who you are in the world, through confronting who you are NOT.


It is through this insight that you will rise above what has been. Apathy no longer serves you.


By now, you can likely feel the curiosity of a decision stirring within you.


Before we discuss how to accept this invitation, let’s look at the agenda:


Meeting 1 - Optimum Health & Productivity Adventure Mastermind


Firstly, we meet for six days in an amazing peaceful location at one of our most favorite retreat centers.


Starting with a two day meeting in an exclusive resort. Then we take off and head into the vitality section for four days where you will go through a full health detox so that you can be prepared emotionally for the year ahead.


During these six days we will review your current business models looking at where you’re wasting energy, time and what your business needs to detox. While you detox your health and life.


We do this first because when Entrepreneurs are healthy they just get more done and have more impact while enjoying the gifts of life. Plus they build not just KPIs for their business, but health as well.


Meeting 2 - Adventure Mastermind


Next up, another three days reviewing your marketing and sales, funnels and processes while enjoying the magnificence of the location where you will be surprised with some adventures in one of the most beautiful places in the world.


All whilst you bond with your peers creating partnerships and possible joint ventures that last for years and increase your bottom line.


Meeting 3 - Survival For Success Adventure Mastermind


A three day wilderness immersion where you will test your leadership, your strength and reconnect to your natural world; while simultaneously connecting to the leader within yourself and learning top leadership skills and strategies.


Through ancient experience of connecting with and working with nature through unearthing ancient processes, you will discover an easier way to shift your reality and business leadership results. You will find that “real business” can be done over a campfire with the right peers present.

Meeting 4 - Inner Success Mastermind


Three days in an exclusive resort, where we will dive into review of key performance indicators, what worked in your business, what you could do more of, product ascension models while bringing in experts in these areas to support you and your business. We also might invite some completely controversial, in a good way, thought leaders to challenge what you think is real.


(12) Twelve monthly group calls where I bring you the world's foremost experts in the areas of mergers, acquisitions, corporate structures, exit strategies, capital raising, internet marketing, health for optimal performance, mindset, employee resolution and other business leaders to help you through challenges in scaling.


This Elder’s group is about people sharing not just their wins but their failures, most importantly what they learned from them. This group is about implementation and impact. If you’re not willing to implement and impact, please don’t join us.


This is where you say Yes to the future of all, by saying yes to your future.

Oh I almost forgot!


Every Entrepreneurial Elder gets an exclusive invitation to a minimum once a year trip to a remote destination like South America, Egypt, Ireland, to visit our elders in the most sacred sites in the world. If you take these invitations you will be invited to sit with our elders who share a deep connection to our earth and the medicine for the people.


The Entrepreneur Elders Group has many perks.
Here’s how we are very different from any mastermind in the world.

Most masterminds just meet, have conversations in nice places and sure, contacts get made and businesses get built, but those can be boring and severely void of real meaning. What’s the point of building a business if you don’t have good peers, you’re not growing personally and you’re not having the adventures of a lifetime?


This group requires you to make the time to work on your business, not in it.


Remember we meet four times a year (that’s one meeting a quarter). If you miss a meeting, you miss the meeting - your responsibility. Things happen at these meetings that can never be recorded.


We encourage our membersto make sure you can make at least 3 of the 4 quarterly meetings. Of course for your business and your personal sake make them all.  Imagine if we fast forward to a time where your business grows because you are doing more of what you want to do for you.
“A business is designed to fund your personal dreams” -  JimRohn

The business paradigm shifts that we will strategise, customise and implement with you into your businesses throughout the Entrepreneurial Elders Mastermind include:


First To Market Innovations

Value: (With Your Application It Could Be Priceless)


At the Entrepreneurial Elders masterminds we are always at the cutting edge of the latest marketing strategies and technologies before they are released to the public. You will hear it first, giving you ample time to apply this wisdom and these strategies to your business.


Your team will become substantially more engaged and create greater outcomes when their leadership team has a vision that is beyond reproach.


Entrepreneur Elders Resource List

Value: (With Your Application It Could Be Priceless)


Due to the incredible members of this group, like yourself, each member has many resources at their disposal ranging from top accountants, tax strategists, money managers, database systems, marketing systems, outsourcing strategies, fulfillment, authoring, promotion, social media strategists and more.


Imagine the number of resources and contacts available in just this group alone. Just ask and somebody knows somebody, somewhere who can get it done. Any smart Entrepreneur knows that contacts alone are worth the investment.


Deal Flow

Value: priceless


While we’re not attorneys we do know a few and oftentimes you will be in a process of closing big transactions to generate revenue for your business. We have ample experience in supporting you to negotiate win/wins on all sides to make sure you generate a profit for your company.


You bring your deals to the meeting, we support you in navigating through them.


Mergers and Acquisitions

Value: potentially tens of millions


Not all the time, but at times, our members have built companies to where other companies are looking to acquire or merge with them. The exit of the company and how it’s done is critical to the difference between making many millions to hundreds of millions. Imagine having experienced entrepreneurs give you feedback on your capital structures, your exit strategies and value of the company from other experienced entrepreneurs who have bought and sold their companies before.


Often our entrepreneurial members will go through different inflection points of their company and the conversations will change with partners, and partner negotiations may need to take place. Imagine having somebody in your court making sure you’re looked after. This alone has saved our members tens of millions of dollars in future revenue.



Value: Priceless


What if every quarter you had to check in with your peers on what you said you had to do in your company and what actually got done. These fellow entrepreneurial members will hold you accountable to a level of greatness that only you will accept. They will relate to you as the possibility and commitment you’re here for and won’t buy into your fears and concerns.


All Access Pass to all Online and Offline trainings

Value: $20,000 +


Full access to my Vault of comprehensive online and offline trainings to help you leverage your global personal brand. Trainings that will have you mastering the most difficult of negotiations and conversations with its deep self-awareness techniques that will give you leverage in any situation. Plus loads of other great branding and packaging brilliance for you to sharpen your game with.


Cutting Edge Market Trends

Value: Priceless


Imagine being in a room with people who are leaders in their industries. The trend of the marketplace starts to reveal itself in the room giving you the upper hand in getting in the flow and pathway of money in your industry.


A quick recap.


We, the Entrepreneur Elders Group, meet four times a year in person, we will speak once a month on a group teleconference with global business leaders and receive invitations to journey annually to some of the most sacred sites globally.


Plus you will have access to the community at any time to ask your questions and receive support from the secret online group, digital resources and most importantly access to others like you who are looking to do joint ventures with like-minded people.


A couple of burning questions that most people have are:


  1. We are constantly asked “what about guests”? You may bring one guest. We are very strict on this. The guest must be a spouse or someone that is your business partner.


  1. What about competition among members? Duplicating another person’s business without permission is grounds to kick you out of the program immediately. We do encourage partnerships and joint ventures. We do what we can to look after the wellbeing of the group and each person.


  1. Can my staff come? No-one can come in your place. This is for the owners and leaders of the companies.


Where do we meet for this?


Each year we choose our locations for the meetings between these wonderful options. It can vary depending on when you hear or read this invitation, on when the next meeting is and the location.   Our members and elders are from all over the world so we are international. Below is a list of places we do mastermind meetings and we do four meetings per year. (We keep the venue locations of the events confidential and not public, to protect the privacy of our members. Some of our members have high public profiles or choose to stay off all social media and they don’t want people just showing up uninvited (yes this has happened!) Once you are approved and paid you will get the exact city and venue for each location. Of course, before your investment is made you will know the cities, dates, and times. Venues and details are given after approval and investment received).




Las Vegas Nevada, USA

San Diego California, USA

San Francisco California, USA

Sedona, Arizona, USA


Byron Bay New South Whales, Australia

Gold Cast Queensland, Australia

Sydney New South Wales, Australia
When you apply we will disclose the location for your group depending on your time of application and our next available meeting space that has available seats.


Also: Meetings do NOT have to be done in any order.  Once your application is approved you are invited to the next meeting and the schedule will be clear for your participation so you can plan accordingly.


So How Do I RSVP For My Invitation To The Group?


When somebody responds to the invitation, the person’s reservation is reviewed to make sure it serves not only the group but the person’s company, for them to join the Entrepreneurial Elders Mastermind. Each reservation is reviewed and we pay attention to the following areas:


  1. The current status of the business - revenue and profit margins.

(We are extremely strict that all members must be making 500k a year as an absolute minimum.)

  1. The industry and the sector of the business.
  2. The current momentum or lack of momentum in the business.
  3. The characteristics and emotional psychological makeup of the founder or director. In other words they implement and get things done and they don’t need their hand held. They source their inspiration from themselves and their inner calling to do great work.
  4. Willingness to have fun and do the deep inner work necessary in today’s changing times, in other words they don’t kick kittens.
  5. A willingness to share their failures and successes and lay their cards on the table.
  6. Adventurous in life and business.


Even though you may have the revenue or investment it doesn’t mean you can join us. Many people have money and success but are lacking a desire to grow emotionally, spiritually and make an impact to leave a legacy behind. We are sourcing for the legacy leaders that are using business as a vehicle for impact.


If your application is approved the total investment is AUD 35,000 (paid in full up front AUD 30,000 for the year). Payment plans are available but the investment is non-negotiable. If this seems too far out of an investment, this program is probably not a match for you.


Take a moment to think about how much time and energy is wasted on non-revenue generating activities.


This group is about getting you on track with the most important revenue-generating activities. Often you spend a lot of time trying to take the right partners into adventures and high-level business strategy. In this group they will all be in one place. If you’re looking to have a totally different year than you did before, then this is the group.


So would you like to join the Entrepreneur Elders group?


Right now you are faced withThe Boldest Decision You’ll Ever Make.


And the decision to back yourself is that safest decision you could ever make. There are no more excuses to change your circumstances than the ones you make up.


If you are ready to place them to one-side, now is the time to make a life-and business changing decision.


So are you ready to place your reservation?


If you are even slightly uncertain at this point, we would advise strongly to NOT make an application as you will likely not be accepted.


We’re looking for people who back themselves and are confident in their incredible decision-making abilities for them and their peers.


To make your reservation now you will go through this brief four step process:


  • Complete the reservation application by going to clicking Apply, where you will complete some brief questions about your current circumstances and commitments.


  • Once approved you will then make an AUD $1000 FULLY refundable deposit to prove your commitment. This also helps all of us weed out any time- wasters in our lives.


  • Then within 72 business hours my team will reach out to you and schedule an interview call with you and me personally that will go for 30 minutes (on Skype) where I assess if you are a fit for the group.


  • On acceptance your payment will then be made promptly (payment options available).


There is a strict limit of reservations accepted each and every year, and I will say “no” to reservations as often as I say “yes”. This is to protect the integrity of your journey into yourself to create a living legacy.


This is where you say Yes to the future of all, by saying yes to your future.

frank-success"I can’t personally say enough good things about this guy, I think you should pay close attention to what he say
- it’ll change your life!”

Frank Kern (highest paid internet marketer in the world)




demartini-success2"Jeffrey has an authentic way of connecting with individuals and genuinely relating to them as if they already are
creative geniuses with huge potentials who will leave their own special mark on the world. In this way he
catalyzes their ever greater awareness and sets a light their stored, but vast creativities."

Dr. John Demartini (from the film ”The Secret”)





bob-success"The work that Jeff does is 'Classic' if you can get an opportunity to work with him – pick it up fast!"

Bob Proctor (star of The Secret and Life Success Coach)

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